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Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet the Family

Welcome to my life! I'm starting this blog for a number of reasons..mainly to keep track of our life, because frankly, with two kids 15 months apart..I forget a lot! lol. So here's where we start...

<----I'm Rachel, 26 years young. (Not the best picture, but let's face it, when your a mom, you spend most of our time taking pictures of your family..and not so much your self.) I am blessed to be a stay at home wife & mom to two amazing little boys! I LOVE capturing moments with'll pretty much never see me with out a camera..that's not to say I take pictures of everything..I like to enjoy the moments too..but if the moments right..but I'm just an amateur still learning the ropes with my new camera :)

This is my husband Tony, almost 29. He is a hard working provider and the best dad. ------------>

So here's the low done on how we met. We met at our church youth group, when I 15, he was just a couple days away from being 18. We started out as friends..then he finally made the move and asked me out! After 4 years of dating (we were young and still in school) he popped the question and of Course I said YES! And we lived happily ever after...

Well not exactly.... We've had a few bumps along the way...not the normal "relationship" bumps. In September 2006, We were involved in a car accident that nearly left me paralyzed. Thank you God. It took me a long time to recover from my injuries, but he was right by my side. When you are in that situation, you really look at life and the people around you differently. I am so thankful for him. I may touch on this later, because through the experience I learned how awesome our God is!

On November 17, 2009 we tied the knot and had the most beautiful wedding! It was truly the best day of my life!

From the moment we said "I do"....It was like my biological clock started ticking...well not that soon...but close. So we hopped to it and "tried" to have a baby.....but It didn't happen....after several months...we learned that PCOS was affecting our fertility. It was a grueling 15months...we had just "signed on" with a reproductive specialist and began a slew of tests...and then God, blessed us with a positive test!

Nine months later we were blessed with our little miracle Dominic Anthony, born at 3:49pm on November 29, 2009.The labor & delivery wasn't perfect, but he sure was. All 7lbs 11oz & 19 1/2ins of him. He was due on Thanksgiving, our little Turkey, but he came 3 days later...He stayed in long enough for his mama to enjoy good cookin' and lots of black friday shopping (yep...I went to 5 stores and it sent me into labor!)

He is now 17 months old 22lbs 3oz & 31ins...(Seriously, how did that happen?!!) He is a ball full of adorable energy! From a newborn on...we new he was on the go! He rolled over at 6weeks..crawled at 6months on the day..pulled up to a stand a week later! By the end of his 8th month he was already taking steps..and by almost 10 months he was on the go everywhere! He has the cutest expressions and is now talking up a storm! I love this age, everyday he's doing or saying something new! He is such an amazing little guy!

When he was 7 husband kept teasing me that I was pregnant again...being that it took us so long to get pregnant the first time and we were by NO means trying to conceive I just laughed and blew it off...After several days of him telling me I was..we sat down and watched the show, "I didn't know I was pregnant"...I got nervous, what if he was right? So I had him go out and buy a pregnancy test..the next morning we got the biggest shock (and Blessing) of our lives! On July 8th, we got a positive pregnancy test! Went to the doctor and confirmed..We were pregnant and Due March 2oth. This is how we announced it, with a big brother hat too..."Pink or Blue, either will do, because Mommy's expecting #2!!"

Needless to say it was a surprise to everyone! A much welcomed surprise!! The boys are only 15 1/2 months apart. It is definitely an exciting adventure!

On November 2, 2010 we confirmed we were having another little boy! It was so exciting finding out Dominic would have a brother! Coming up with a name, however, was not so exciting. We just couldn't agree on one. But once we saw him face to face, we FINALLY were able to give him a name.

On March 16, 2011 we welcomed into our arms, Giovanni James born via repeat c-section on 12:50pm. Weighing in at 7lbs 10oz and 20in long. Absolutely perfect!!

It's been a BIG adjustment, but what a blessing these past 7 weeks have been.

So here we are now, a newly family of four! Feel free to join us in this new adventure & my ramblings as a housewife, stay at home mom of 2 under 2, still learning to cook, picture obsessed, Christian woman.

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