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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Table for 4 please!

 I have never remembered regularly eating at the dinning room table. My family just never did. Of course on holidays and "those" special occasions, but hardly ever.

So, when Tony and I got married I was determined to be that picture perfect family and sit around the table and eat every night and converse about our day. 3 years later... never happened. I guess we were just tv tray type of people..(Which is really sad, considering our dinning room & living room are in one big room!) But now that we have two little boys, my views have changed. I'm now more than ever determined to dust of our table, turn off the tv and put it to use. We have now been going at it for a full week..and I can honestly say, why the heck haven't we done this before???? It's so nice to turn our cell phones and truly enjoy the conversation and the food!

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