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Monday, June 20, 2011

Date Night...Not like it used to be

(Warning: Horrible cell phone pictures below)

When we got married, one of the nice, unsolicited advice we received, was actually quite helpful. Have regular date nights. Being that we had no children, we found this a tad absurd, since every night was like a date night. However, we took that advice and set time aside once a week. It is such a great idea for all couples.

^Now early in our marriage (before kids) we were all about going out. We made it a big deal too.  Movies, dinner, miniature golf, the symphony, etc. Oh that was the life. ;)  It was a time when I actually had time to fix my hair and put on makeup. Heck it was a time I wanted to fix my hair and put on makeup. Not to mention we had the money to spare.

Then, we were blessed with the most amazing gift, our boys..And like most parents we were completely over whelmed with love for our new babies, that time alone together went on the back burner.  Now that we have two amazing little kiddos (15months apart) we have realized the dire need for time alone...mainly to keep our sanity.

However, our littlest one, Giovanni, completely refuses the bottle, just like his brother did. How nice. So where I go, he goes. And after the day I had last Friday, I told Tony, kids or not, we're going out!

We loaded up the car with kids, pjs, lawn chairs, a pack-in-play, a boppy pillow, snacks and NO sanity and decided to head to the drive-in!

      ^Our redneck set up

 And it was the best decision ever! Sure it was hectic and we got crazy looks, but it was date night. Kids and all.

They were both asleep by the second movie, so we got to enjoy some adult conversation and recharge our marriage.  :)


  1. Love this! Looks like everyone had a great time. Hubs and I still do date night every Wednesday, except now we have the little one with us. Parents can still enjoy a good happy hour, right? :) Visiting you from the Time Travel.

  2. Hi there - I'm here from the Time Travel too. I think you're brilliant. Way to think outside of the box and get your date night anyway. The "Redneck set up" cracked me up!


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