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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dominic is 18 Months!

Weight:  22 1/2lbs 
Height:  31ins
*Rough estimate, he doesn't go to the doctor again until mid-July

Our busy little man turned 18months old this past Sunday. How fast time has flown. He's gone from a baby to a toddler these last 6 months. Not to mention he's gone completely blonde! Dominic has changed so much since turning a year old. He is talking so much more now too. He jabbers nonstop, but says a lot of words and sentences too. He's our talker for sure...and climber. He keeps us busy. Around 15months he started climbing on EVERYTHING...And if he can't reach something, he'll move one of his toys and use it as a step stool. Haha. Such a smarty.

He also had a big growth spurt around 15-16months. He went from being in the 5th percentile for weight & height to 30 percentile for height & 25th percentile for weight. Which doesn't seem huge, but boy can we tell a difference, especially in his height! He also wears some 12 month clothes and some 18month clothes.He's in that in between stage.

*He can do somersaults
*Saying more words & sentences
*Feeds himself most of the time with a spoon or toddler fork 
*Knows all his animal & sounds & can even make a fish face
*Can pick out and say several letters (A, U, O)
*He can walk up & down stairs
*He picks up his toys

Things he loves:
*Tv remotes
*Doing things himself
*The Park
*Blues Clues & Mickey Mouse Club House
*Little Gym

Things he hates:

He is our little moody eater..not necessarily picky. The last month, he has these days when he just doesn't want to eat and he won't...all day. And then the next day or so he's back on schedule..and nope not sick, not even crabby. Overall he is a great eater. He LOVES veggies & fruit. He will eat chicken, but getting him to eat red meat is a loosing battle most of the time.

Not to mention he's still allergic to Dairy products. Which makes eating out or get together less spontaneous and difficult. He's on Soy Milk, which he doesn't mind, but doesn't guzzle it down either.

Overall he is a sweet little lovable boy who is quite the charmer. He's all boy for sure. And has finally adjusted to life as a big brother! He went from ignoring the baby, to hitting the baby, to loving on him and wanting him to get down and play. It's so adorable to see them together, they're going to be best friends for sure.

*These are some of his 18month photos*


  1. nope...thats it. it quit looking at pics of D. he is WAYYYYY to dang cute, and getting wayyyy to big to fast. :o(

  2. I know!! He is definitely not a baby anymore :/


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