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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Giovanni turns 3 Months!

Weight: 12lbs 6oz 
Height: 23ins  

Our little guy is growing right along. I can not believe he is already 13weeks old! It's going by way too fast. He wears 0-3month clothes and size 1 diaper. He is still sleeping amazing. He takes at least 3 good naps a day. At least one being 3 hours. He also sleeps great at night, although we have had a few nights when he woke up to eat around 4 and we have had trouble getting him back to sleep, but over all he sleeps 9-12hours a night.

He loves to blow bubbles. Not sure if he was doing this last month or not, but he does it constantly now. And he has started drooling all over the place. I guess I will need to break out some bibs soon.

*He reaches and grabs at toys. And he holds onto rattles for short periods of time.

*He's noticed his feet. He stares at them, but hasn't really tried to grab them.

*He rolled over! At 12 weeks, Giovanni rolled over from his belly to back. And now does it just about every time he's on his belly.

His Favorite Things:
*Laying in the Boppy Pillow
*Standing up
*Bumpo Chair
*Gumdrop or Soothie Paci's (mainly when tired)
*Swing (Awake or asleep now)
*His Pack-N-Play Play mat
*Baby Einstein Videos

Things he hates:
*Poopy Pants (Don't blame him)

Giovanni eats like a champ. Nursing's going great. I feed him on demand, but he eats pretty much on schedule which is about every 3-4 hours. He eats more in the morning and spaces the feedings our more toward bedtime. Which is opposite of normal, but he's growing so I'm not worried. He feeds for about 10-15minutes each feed. Still refuses the bottle and at this point, but we haven't tried much this last month. And I'm OK with that. But I'm still having to pump every morning though, blah. Our freezer is getting full!

Now for some pictures..


Giovanni month by month:

Now for a fun comparison picture of the boys at the exact same age:
A lot of people say they look a like. To me, Giovanni looks like his own little person, but has some features that resemble his big brother. I guess when I remember Dominic, I remember his curls and dimple. Haha.. Either way, I'm inlove with this little guy and I enjoy watching him grow and change everyday.

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