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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goodbye Cats and Hello Playroom!

Well It's official we are now an animal free home!

     Max is the Black cat and Dexter the grey mufti-colored.

It's a very bittersweet moment in our home. We loved our two cats (Max & Dexter) very much. Tony and I got them right after we were married and they really were apart of the family. We just couldn't give them all the attention they needed anymore, plus we needed the extra space. We placed and ad on craigslist, and when a call came in on Sunday about taking both cats, we knew this was the perfect family!

Poor Dominic is confused though. He keeps going to the cat door and yells, "Kitty, kitty..where are you?" It's so one door closes another one opens! We are transforming the old cat room..aka the sun room..into a playroom for the boys!

Here's some before pictures...
                                                Walking into the sunroom from the kitchen..
    View from the outside door.The loveseat will go where the chair is.
View from the other side of the room.

Not a huge room, but more space nonetheless.  It's the perfect size for a toy room. Let the designing begin!

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