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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Announcement.....

Hold it. No, I'm not pregnant.  I thought I would join up with  Kelly's Korner's link up, and share how we announced to our family and friends that we were pregnant with our youngest little fella. Which happens to be perfect timing, because it was just about a year ago when we found out! (July 8th)

Before I get to how we shared the news. Let me lay out how we found out ourselves. My darling husband, had been telling me all week he thought I was pregnant. I, not so nice, let him know that we were using just about every method to prevent that and after 15 painful months of trying with our first (I have PCOS), it was next to impossible. But he was constantly nagging me to take a test. The following Wednesday, we sat down and flip the channel to "I didn't know I was pregnant." It was the episode where the lady gave birth to a baby and he fell and hit the bathroom floor...that did me in. I very quickly changed my mind and told my husband to get me a test.

Next morning, I peed. On a stick. And sure enough a very faint, but very visible little plus sign was there. I do believe a lot of "OH MY GOD"'s were going on..and not the kind that happened a few weeks before. ;-) We were pregnant. Against all physical odds, but not God's, a little miracle was growing inside me.

Now,  I immediately told my mom. I was still in shock. I had a 7month old at the time and she was with me during my whole trying to conceive journey with my first. So, she was the first family member to know. That same day we got the confirmation with the doctor that we were indeed expecting.

I knew I wanted to do something special and get Dominic involved with the announcement. So we got to planning. I put together a little shirt for him to wear, which read, "Pink or Blue, either will do 'cause mommy's expecting #2!" We also bought him a Big Brother hat at the hospital and went over to our family's house and shared the news!

After all the family and close friends found out. We announced it on Facebook, because we all know nothing is official unless it's Facebook official. We put up a picture of Dominic wearing the shirt & hat and this status, "Rachel is making the "official Facebook Announcement:" We are "baking" another bun, a VERY SURPRISE bun. One of those long-rising ones, that have the 9 month baking cycle. Should be done cooking in March!"

And so began our pregnancy journey!

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  1. it's so funny that our kiddos are almost the exact same age and both our 2nd kids were complete surprises! very cute announcement story!


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