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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello Mr. Potty

 <---Meet Mr. Potty. It is time for Mr Potty to meet Dominic. At 19 almost 20 months old, he is ready for it.

Today we made the introduction happen, and so begins our big transition out of diapers.

We had no expectations. We just wanted to get a ball rolling in the right direction.

His first reaction to his new "throne?" To stand in it. Of course!

After this, I had doubts. He spent the next 5-10 minutes exploring and checking out his toilet and his parts...boys.

Then he sat down and PEED!

I'm not sure who was more excited, my husband or myself! Ha!  These truly are the special priceless moments in life.

He was also very excited! He kept saying, "Yay, I peed in potty!!"  Such a smart little guy.

We honestly were completely shocked. Out of the 3 times we placed him on the potty today, he went twice! It could be totally random, but a girl could dream that it is a step to no more diapers!

I'll keep you updated. Wish us luck! :)


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