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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beating the Heat with Playdates

Our house has been playdate central this week and I LOVE it. Especially since it has been so hot out, it's nice to have it here and not have to haul the kids out. Not to mention Dominic loves having other kids to play with.

On Thursday we had my cousin's wife and their little one over, who is a day older than Dominic. How awesome is that? This is was the first playdate that we have had that wasn't a family function. And the first of many to come! And since they were the same age, I decided to try a new activity with them. FINGER PAINTING! : )

Oh we've finger painted with Dominic before...he did not like it. It ended badly.. But he's a half year older and I was ready to try it again! If your kid is like mine, everything goes in the mouth, so I made a safe and yummy alternative! I to whip up some whip cream, mix some food coloring into a cupcake pan and let the kids have at it!

Dominic is learning is letters and numbers, so we used bath foam pieces as stamps. Great idea and easy clean up!
Boy did he have fun!

 I think by judging their bodies of art, you can tell how much fun they had!
Dominic's Masterpiece.

We also had a playdate with my friend's little girl Dakotah. She's 3 1/2 and is just a sweetie. Full of energy much like my Dom.

These playdates have been a lifesavor for my stir crazy 20month old and I. It has just been to hot to play outside much these days. Is it Fall yet?


  1. Kudos to you! I had been working as a teacher for about 6 years (I just moved and currently a stay at home wife until I get a job) and so many parents these days are all about cleanliness and don't want their children getting messy.
    Many times I had parents upset because their child had even a small dab of paint on themselves.
    So kudos to you for letting your kids BE kids!

  2. That is so sad. A happy mess is a good mess! Let the kids have fun. That's their job right now. ;)


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