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Friday, August 26, 2011

Look to the Past: Baby Showers

Today, I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner. This week's topic is Show us your baby shower ideas. Well, I thought this would be a great way to blog about my baby showers that have come and went. Because, let's face it, when else would I have an opportunity to?

I was blessed to have two absolutely amazing baby showers with my first; one hosted my my mother & close friends and one hosted by our church family.
A picture of Tony & I and his family

My first Baby shower was at the church I grew up at, that a lone made it special.  It was such a nasty raining day, yet we still had an amazing turn out. Even Tony's oldest sister and cousin came up from Arkansas to come, it was a wonderful surprise.

Table decorations and favors.
The first was decorated so beautiful with pastel colors, mostly blue and teddy bears. Tony proposed to me with a build-a-bear, so bears have special meaning to me.  We had some amazing food, made by family and close friends.  A yummy cake and cupcakes made by my momma. She is such a great party planner. For favors, we had candy sticks that said, "it's a boy;" a little baby bottle, filled with candies; feet cookies tucked in a napkin diaper! We played several different games.

1. Baby gift bingo- Guest were given a sheet of paper, with a blank bingo grid on it. They were instructed to fill in items they think I will receive as gifts. As I open the gifts, they would cross them off accordingly, until a bingo was called.

2. Draw the baby face- Guests were given a piece of paper with an outline of a baby face. They were instructed to draw a picture of what they think our baby would look like. Then I pick my favorite out of the bunch.

3. Baby Story- This was a favorite. Each table was given a little string with plastic diaper pins on them. My mom read a little "baby story," she mad up. Every time the word baby was said, guest had to pass the safety pins to the next person. Last one holding the pins won.

4. Count the cotton balls- A giant plastic baby bottle, that was filled with cotton balls were passed around the room. Guest were told to give an estimate on how many were in there.  

The tables and desert.

My mama & I
The second baby shower I had was hosted by our awesome church family. Our nursery theme was Jungle, particularly monkeys. They had remembered me talking about that and decided to run with a Monkey theme. And it was sooooo cute!

The decorated with balloons with monkey stickers, with bananas as the weight. How cute is that? A friend made these little adorable paper booties to hold candy as favors. Another friend made two amazing cakes; a monkey and a baby carriage. So cute. We also played a couple of games, one being the baby bingo game.

Give the baby a trait- Guest were given a piece of paper with a list of traits. They had to guess whether or not I wanted the baby to have a trait after me or my husband. Then I would give my answers and the one with the most correct, got a prize. 

 Seriously, how cute are these cakes?

Both showers were so much fun. We received so many wonderful gifts; both handmade and new. These are some special creations that some of our dear friends made for us. How cool is the diaper wreath? Never saw one before. We were truly blessed to get some amazing gifts and a lifetime of memories. Thanks for looking back with me.


  1. I loved your shower pictures - how fun! Great ideas too.
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  2. I love the beautiful cakes and decorations at your baby shower. I taking notes for the day my son gets married and we're blessed with a grandchild!

    It's great that you had your family and friends there to show you how much they care. What a beautiful day!

  3. Hi I just stopped in to return the favor..Newest follower here. Thanks for coming by I truly appreciate it! You have a nice family and a cute blog. You definitely look like you have your hands full with the little ones:) Blessings and thanks for connecting..hope we meet!

    Forest Rose

  4. Great shower pictures! Isn't it fun to be showered with love? Your boys are adorable.

  5. AWW!!! The monkey idea is so cute & I LOVE that cake!


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