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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

It's Thursday, I'm thankful, so why not! 

This week I am so thankful for HOT water!! And water from pipes in general.

Pic from google.
We have been without hot water for a while now, for a number of reasons. Our water heater broke a while back. Being, um..cheep, "we"my husband, purchased a lemon noneffective water heater off of Craigslist, which ended up needing to be replaced too. <isn't home ownership grand?> So, we finally had to break done and purchase a new one. Unfortunately before doing so, our house got broken into. So that money got shifted to some needed security measures. But finally after nearly 3, yes 3 loooooonnnnnnggg months. The insurance money came in, the water heater was purchased, and our house is now equipped with hot water!

  You couldn't possibly imagine the excitement I feel! It's glorious!! I no longer having to spend countless hours boiling water just to make dinner wash dishes, bathes, clean, etc. I can turn the faucet and instead of a dribble, I get a full stream of beautiful steamy heated water! Ha ha. It's so simple, yet we often take it for granted. So, yes, today I am very thankful for being able to have such "amenities." 

I bet there's at least one thing you're thankful for this week. Go ahead and post about it and share it here and here.


  1. wow, so glad you finally have hot water. I remember when I was younger, my dad ran out of hot water, and I was sneaking my boyfriend, brother, and niece into the YMCA just to take showers.
    Thanks for stopping by Kreative Karing and leaving a comment for wordless wednesday. I hope you visit again!


  2. i can totally relate. been there, done that (with the water). and my older girls are 6 days short of a year apart (what was i thinking?). thanks for stopping by my blog-a-roo and saying hi!

  3. Hello, when something you've been used to just suddenly went off, it is difficult to adjust. But in hot climates like ours we don't normally install water heaters because we seldom need them. So i am used to boil water, when needed only, haha! There are even places here where water is always lukewarm, so when in college we have pales to let our waters get cold the whole night for use in the mornings. Thans for visiting my site.

  4. You are so right, being with out hot water is ghastly. Been there a few times myself and thankful not to be there now. Can't imagine how our ancestors managed.

  5. glad you have hot water too.....can't imagine not having it.....your family looks wonderful..the babes are soo cute.


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