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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekends to Remember

With all the running around the last couple of weeks, we decided to take advantage of some fun things for the kids this weekend. Last Friday was “family free night” at our local Magic House. It happens every 3rd Friday of the month.  I love this. It normally cost $8.75 a person 1 year old & up, so that would have cost us $26.25, but we got in for free! Hello savings!  
 The boy is strong. This was his 2nd time holding on, and this time he held on for 18 seconds! Not bad for a 20month old. 

 Nothing is more exciting then the "Static ball" at the magic house, always a favorite. I especially love, Little G's little hairs all standing up! Ha.Ha.
Love these blocks.

Saturday it was such a rainy day and we didn’t have any plans so we decided to check out the Science Center. The boys had never been and it’s free, so why not, right? They have a room dedicated to small kids, with all hands on activities. To say Dominic had fun is an understatement.

Looking at the cars passing by.

 The look of concentration. This was one of his favorites.
 Learning about bugs! The joys of having little boys!

 Dressing like a Native American to learn how they lived.

 Giovanni's two favorite things; the fish tank and the stuffed caterpillar.
 Meeting "Rex"
Sunday was a quiet day. We went to church, had lunch with Tony's mom, and relaxed at home. The perfect end to a great weekend!


  1. Your boys are adorable and look like they had a great time! (So does mommy and daddy!)

  2. yay for FREE family night! looks like so much fun!

  3. I thought science centers were for older kids but that looks like alot of fun! I'll have to check it out with my two.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

  4. Love a free family day! The static ball pics are hilarious!!!


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