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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dominic's 21st Month Update

Weight: 24lbs
Height: 32   

Dominic. Dominic. Dominic. What can I say about our little turkey? He's changed so much since his last update at 18months. I thought it would be a good time for another one. Mainly, so I can remember what he was like at this age, since he seems to be changing daily. He's a character for sure! He's all toddler now. <Hello terrible two's!> Mr. Independent. He makes the funniest faces, which always tells us what he's up to.  He has such a personality on him, it just melts my heart.

He's 100% boy! He runs, he climbs, he skips, he flips, he hangs, he sort-of jumps. Ha. He still hasn't mastered jumping off the ground yet. He can jump perfectly on the bed or in a bounce house, but you can't get him to do it on flat ground. He just skip jumps. It's super cute to watch him do it. He loves to climb. He climbs out of his crib and in it. And he loves to climb in his brothers crib when we aren't looking. His new thing is falling, on purpose. And usually off things. It makes me a nervous wreck. Maybe a stunt double is in his future? Ha.

He talks all the time now. And there pretty much nothing he can't say.....or repeat.  My favorite words he says are, "Octpus (Octopus) & "Elepent (Elephant)." They sound so cute. We have to work with him on his speech sometimes. He gets so excited that he'll just start the word and not finish it. So we will say the word and ask him to repeat it. This usually gets him to slow down and when he repeats it back to us, it's much clearer. He has great manners and says his please & thank yous (even when getting into trouble!) He also loves to sing. He sings three songs; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald, and the ABC song. He doesn't know all the the lines to the songs so he'll just repeat of baby talk the rest. And watch out, if he finds a something that he think looks like a microphone he will stand up and give you a show.

-Knows almost all of the ABC's
-Knows all his shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart, diamond, oval, octagon, star and hexagon)
-Knows some numbers
-Knows the names of all the colors (doesn't know which colors are what yet)
-Uses the spoon & fork perfectly
-Puts together peg & bulky puzzles all by himself
-Understands commands
-Uses the potty chair occasionally (I've dropped the ball and need to work on this. Oops!)
-Goes up and down stairs by himself
- Knows all his body parts

-Trains, Cars, Airplanes
-The movie Toy Story 3 & Cars
-Little figures
-Slides & swings
-Bath time

He has been having less and less bouts of not eating. Now, it usually happens at dinner, especially after a long day of playing. Now that he can have dairy, we have been slowly introducing him to it. Boy, does he love cheese! We have also had no problem with any reaction to it. Even with the regular milk, which by the way, was an easy transition from Soy milk.  We avoid eggs now, as we were told he is allergic to them. Did you know eggs are in a ton of stuff! Ugh.

He really is a sweet heart. He loves to sit on mommy's lap, any chance he can get. He tells us he loves us everyday, which are the sweetest three words to you can possibly hear. He loves his brother. He gives him hugs & kisses all the time.  I am really looking forward to them in a couple of months when they can start playing with each other.

Now for some sweet random pictures of Dominic the last few months.

 He loves this grill. He "cooks" up things all day; cookies, hotdogs, cars!
*Click on picture to enlarge it. 

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