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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lesson Learned

Just a little advice....

I do NOT recommend this playmat, if you have a young toddler!

We used this mat with Dominic, when he was a baby. He loved it! So, now that Giovanni can sit up and play. I thought it would be great idea to get it out again. I was wrong. As soon as Dominic saw it he yelled, "PUZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!"  

<Hangs head> Of course, I should have known, to a little toddler, this giant mat is a puzzle! And our boy LOVES puzzles! So after spending all day finding pieces (with teeth marks in them) all around the house, I have now retired this playmat. Sigh. Oh well, good thing we have a extra floor rug. ;)

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What's a lesson you learned today? 


  1. always have my son wear shoes!
    Lol, we ran up the street today... to pick something up and run home...
    Like a 10 minute ride.. of course, on the way, he had to go potty... so, here we are, in the bathroom, me trying to hold him so he can go without touching the floor or anything.
    he is 2 and a half and we just finished potty training :)

  2. To delete the numbers of people I no longer talk to from my phone.

    I accidentally dialed an old colleagues number, and quickly hung up. A few minutes later she called back and has been calling all day. You'd think after being sent to voice mail 5 times, she would give up.

  3. To not answer the phone unless you recognize the number of who is calling. We've had tons of calls lately where the ID either says unknown or is the name of a business, but when we say hello we never get a reply. Today we made up our minds not to answer unless we know who it is.
    Here's Mine

  4. To cherish my husband. He had two Blood clots in his lungs. We came close to losing him this week.

  5. Oh boy. I remember those days! Very lovely family you have!

    One lesson I learned today...hmm. To stop making excuses for the everyday messes we make at home when company pops in unexpectedly. It's a home and sh-t happens. I read this saying once...My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it! I think I'm going to put that on my front

  6. I have to find my voice that helps me grow.


  7. I am still learning today... can't put my finger on just one!

  8. To just be thankful for the day that I am given, not to look back or worry about tomorrow! :)

  9. I need more sleep. I've been getting sick a lot lately and I think I finally realize that I need to get more sleep.

  10. Heh, I had a play mat like that one - glad I 'retired' it before the Little Dude came along, we'd probably have the same scenario of the pieces scattered all over... ;)

    Hmmmm....lesson learned today...boys are definitely different than girls. Little dude has been a major challenge for a full week now! :)


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