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Monday, September 12, 2011

O Sleep, Where Art Thou?

Hello Bloggers, It's been a while. I've been too sleep deprived to update. Teething sucks. Poor Giovanni has 2 little bottom teeth coming in and it's making our nights miserable. And since the boys are now sharing a room Dominic has been waking up too.
Sleeping with his giraffe. He never lets it go!
But who could be upset at this little guy? He is so sweet and squishy. Those teeth better get here soon or I'm going to have to go in there and pull them out!
 *By the way, thank you to all the new subscribers! It means a lot!*


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you get some sleep soon!!

  2. stopping by and your newest follower via the Tuesday friend Connect! your boys are adorable!!

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  3. New subscriber!! I have to follow those adorable boys of yours! I just read teething might occur in three day increments.. I hope this is the case for both of us! Carsyn has been restless lately also.


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