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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Kids' Shopping Low Down

Cooler temps are on the way. Are your kids closets ready?  Mine. Well, aren't even close. That means it's shopping time! I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner and the topic is "Show us where you shop for your kids."

I seriously LOVE shopping for my boys. And who says boys clothes are boring? Nope, so not true. Sure, you don't get all the accessories, but it doesn't mean you can't find equally adorable clothing for boys...and for cheap.

Now, I find a lot of our kid's clothing at yard sales or consignment stores. We aren't afraid to buy used at all. Heck, babies outgrow clothes so fast, it makes more sense to.  But when I buy new, this is where we go..

1. Carters - Seriously, they have some adorable stuff there. And I'm not referring to Walmart or Target's brand of Carters, I'm talking about the real deal. <Although, I love those too.> We have an outlet store near our home and it so nice.

Whether it be sleepers, pjs, or onesies, you just can't beat the quality there. Which make them great for handy-me-downs. Also, they use such great vibrant colors. But the thing that brings me back time after time, are the sales. They always have sales going on and I've gotten so many great deals, especially, if you have one of their coupons. Hello savings! But let's not forget to mention their clearance racks. I always find steals in there. They usually, have last years "over" stock in there, so you can really find some cheap deals.

2. The Children's Place- Have you seen my kid's Easter outfits? (They are found here, half way down.) They were freakin' adorable! That pretty much sums up my feelings for their clothes. I discovered this store when Dominic was 6 months. I had always heard they were so expensive, so I never went in one. Then I heard about a sale they were having, and surprisingly enough, their prices weren't bad. Especially, with one of their frequent sales.

They feature a variety of clothing styles. I personally love their dressy church wear and their sports theme clothing. This is also the place I shop for shoes. I hate spending ridiculous amounts of money on toddler shoes, but I don't want shoes that will fall apart either. So, I by here. Fairly cheap, great quality and fit.

3. Kohls, Target, and occasionally Walmart -  Pretty straight forward. I can find some pretty great deals at Kohls. I love the some of target's clothes. And Walmart's Granimals are so adorable!

4. Totsy & Zuilily - Now, here's where I find my unusual and fun clothing at a discount of course! These are private, members only deal sites. But don't worry, it's free to join and they have some AMAZING deals! And bonus, they offer several deals at a time and you can view upcoming deals before they go live. 

They don't just have  kids clothes either. They sell toys, shoes, books, cloth diapers, bras, maternity wear, lingere, etc. I have gotten some many toys and clothes off of these sites, it's amazing. Definitely check them out. 

*So, if you like something my boys wear, you pretty much can find them in one of these stores as well.*


  1. Garanimals can really come up with some cute stuff!

  2. I love all of those brands too! Carters has the best pj's! I live right by an outlet store too!

    Your boys are adorable!

  3. We love Carter's and baby Gap pjs! Always have great deals at both outlets!

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