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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome to Food, G!

Our little nugget finally started showing signs of being ready to start eating solids! We let him lead, since he is exclusively breastfed, he can wait until 6months. (We did this with Dominic, but he was begging for food at 5months. lol.)

So tonight, a few days past 6 months, we introduced Giovanni to his first taste of real food, Rice Cereal!

Actually, his second. His first was when Dominic stuffed a Wheat thin in his mouth..but we won't talk about that. ;) 

Pretty much sums it up..
Anyways, let's just say it it was a huge fail!

I should have seen this coming. He was super crabby from his two teething coming in (which by the way we can see them underneath the gums..yay!) Then he pooped right in the middle of eating..Who could eat after that? And well, rice cereal just plain sucks. Ha ha.

Oh don't worry little guy, you'll soon be chowing down on good food! 

 And because I am a pathological picture are more "fun" pictures from his first encounter with rice cereal.
Gio's first time in a our home high chair!
Dominic is not as thrilled with that..
The set up..He was so excited!
First taste..yummy? Um...I'm thinking not! Poor little guy. He would spit it out or close his mouth off for no entry. Just not having it. After each bite, he would shake his head no, as if to say no more!

We then let Daddy try feeding. No such luck. 
But he was back to being all smiles when we were done! 


*We have his 6 month doctor's appointment tomorrow. 
I'll post his monthly update afterwards.*


  1. Such a cutie! Yuck rice cereal and poo not a good! Hope all is well and you have a blessed week! Abundant Blessings to you and your sweet family:)

    Forest Rose

  2. ok, agreed! that rice cereal is so nasty!! he is so adorable!!

  3. I love that first picture of his face! So cute!


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