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Friday, September 23, 2011

Say What?!?

Guess what folks, Christmas is in 92 DAYS!!

In a panic? 

Ya, me too! It's coming up fast. I don't know about you, but I start shopping early. Like 3 weeks ago early. I want to enjoy the Christmas season, not just spend the whole season stressing about presents and money. I actually want to spend it, celebrating the true reason for the season, Christ. So I thought I would share my top place I shop to keep my shopping organized and to keep on budget.

AMAZON - Last year, I discovered Amazon. Yes, I know it's been around a while. But, "I" just discovered it. And let me just say, I am a huge fan!

My favorite thing I LOVE about Amazon, are the wishlists. It makes it super easy to organize gift lists for everyone. I create one for everyone in my family, even grandparents, nieces & nephews.

I can also choose to keep the list private or share them with family or friends. I usually share our family's with the grandparents. They love it, because it makes it easy on them as too what to buy. And I can put a  priority level on each item.I can also write a comment on any item and let them know if it is sold some other place for cheaper. How nice is that?

Another thing I love, they also give you a lot of buying options. I can usually buy any item, brand new or used. Depending on what I want, buying used may be okay and save me some even more money! (Although, never buy used for gifts.) You can also check out the buying options and search as to which store online has it for cheaper, but still buy through amazon. Sweet.

So if you haven't discovered the awesomeness, that is Amazon, look into it. And don't panic with your Christmas shopping. Take your time getting organized, make a list (and stick to it), search for deals, and buy!


  1. My mom said yesterday that Hubby & I are the only 2 in the family getting Christmas presents b/c no one else has turned in a list. In September! :P

    Happy shopping!

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