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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

It's Thursday, I'm thankful, so why not?

Here's just a few things I'm especially thankful for today: 

1. Giovanni is "officially" ours! No bill collectors can take him now. lol. Just kidding. But seriously, this week we paid off all the medical bills from his birth! That is a big weight off our shoulders and a big step in our efforts to be debt free!

2. Sleep!!- Yes, sleep has returned to our household. No, Giovanni hasn't cut those teeth. Teething seems to have taken a break for now. He's teething like his brother did. A stop go, stop go kind of deal. Ugh. But, with all the rainy dreary kind of weather, the kids have been taking longer naps and sleeping longer at night. It's heavenly. Yesterday, both boys slept over 3 hours, and I got a 2 hour nap. <Which, if you have more than 1 young child, both kids sleeping that long is a miracle!>  I'm thinking that maybe the dark circles under my eyes may start to disappear soon.  ;o)

3. Beautiful weather- It's a beautiful day. It rained all day yesterday and there is a freshness in the air. It's nice and cool; not hot and not too cold. It's perfect. Fall has arrived!

What if the only things you have today, are the the things you thanked God for yesterday? Feeling Thankful? Feel free to share it,  I linked up at Grace Alone & The Wife of a Dairyman.


  1. YAY to big steps toward becoming debt free~! YAY to a 2hr nap! (that's almost akin to a miracle) AH,and beautiful weather (if you have the time to pop your head outside) is a great pick-me-up. Enjoy~!

  2. Wow that's a huge step in the right direction! Way to go!

  3. Hello, nice to "meet" you here in blog world! That is great to read on your progress to being debt free. We did Financial Peace University a few years back.
    Enjoy your sleep! That's so important and I must say how good that is that you took a nap with the boys!
    God bless.

  4. Hi Rachel! Those are some things to be thankful for! I love that fall is almost here as favorite season. Your family is adorable! Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday today:)

  5. I am thankful my daughter is sleeping right now!She is teething like a champ and not sleeping much....which means I am not sleeping much or getting anything done all day!


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