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Friday, September 2, 2011

This is what I'll be doing today...

And this was with some clean up effort.
Cleaning! Oh the joys of having my 3 year old niece over for a play date yesterday. Or pretty much any kid over for that matter. Ha. By the way, where are the cushions?! Sigh. I am hoping to get the whole house clean, so when my hubby gets off work, we can enjoy the extra long weekend with out having to worry about cleaning. Yeah right, but I'd like to try. ;)

Note, I would normally make Dominic & my niece clean up, but we were running late for another play date, unintentionally scheduled on the same day. It may be time for a family calendar..
I don't know what Dominic will do when Sarah starts preschool. They have so much fun together. Here they are eating some Arby's that my awesome brother supplied for us. I love my family. My brothers are 11 & 8 years older than me. The youngest of the two, Josh, has two little girls. Sarah being the youngest. It's so great that we have kids around the same age and they can grow up together.
 The two cutie pies, caught making the mess.
They had a great time together. And yes, Dominic is still in his pjs. What can I say? It happens, I eventually got him in some clothes. He he.

  Later we went over to my friend Cindy's house. She has two little boys also; 4years & 10months. Adorable kids. She also babysits for a friends little boy who is around Dominic's age. Then our other friend Jessica came over with her little girl, whose 3years. So add them all up; with my boys, we had a total of 6 kids. It was a crazy round up, but the kids (and adults) had so much fun. Seriously, play dates are a great way to keep sain, in the insanity of 2 under and 15 months apart.

Poor Dom was all played out. He managed to eat his dinner, but fell asleep before we could get him out. Sweet sweet boy, how I love you.


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