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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Accomplishment! - Thankful Thursday

Nap time at our house usually consisted of Giovanni in the swing in the living room & Dominic in the crib. Or Giovanni in the crib and Dominic not sleeping. Sigh.

But today I'm praising God..

For 2 solid weeks, I have mastered nap time with the two boys in the same room & same time!

Break out the champagne, this is HUGE people!! If you have 2 kids (not twins) sharing a room, you can understand that this is a big accomplishment! Yay! Of course Dominic having mono has helped, but a girl can dream it will stick right? ;o)

Having them napping at the same time & place means I can now accomplish...

  • Dusting the living room
  • Exercise
  • Facebook
  • Do the dishes that are piling up
  • Play angry birds
  • Take a nice long shower
  • And take my time shaving my legs
  • Fold some laundry
  • Waste more time on Facebook
  • Call an out of town friend
  • Stare at the ceiling
  • Rake the leaves
  • Write a productive blog post
  • Start on dinner

Those are all nice...but this week, I'll probably just end up taking a nap too. ;o)

Are you feeling Thankful? Share it! Today I'm linking up with The Wife of a Dairyman and Spiritually Unequal Marriage.


    1. That's really good to hear! :)

      Visiting from #ThankfulThrusday..

      Here's mine:

    2. Congratulations on the nap time. I am with you take a nap your self while you have the time.

    3. That's great about nap time!! I know how hard it is to get 2 little ones down at the same time. Mine just starting sleeping in the same room.. so far so good, hope it lasts for us too. :)

    4. i like the "stare at the ceiling" choice. this would lead to a nap! lol.

    5. and lets be serious aren't raking any damn leaves!!! lol

    6. Nothing wrong with getting in a quick nap! Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday:)

    7. How GREAT for you! That is an accomplishment. Good Job Mom!

    8. That is great news, I pray it will stick.This is Denise from shortybears place.

    9. For 2 solid weeks, I have mastered nap time with the two boys in the same room & same time!

      Woo Hoo. That is absolutely worth celebrating. Hugging you. See you again this Thursday.


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