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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Double Whammy! -Mono & Tonsillitis

It's been a LOOONNNNGGG week. Seems like forever ago since I've logged on here, but in reality it's only been a few days. So much has happened though. This weekend did not go as planned. We did manage to go to the Apple farm though, and we had a good time too. Pictures will come eventually... 

After picking apples, Dominic started getting sick. Nothing too alarming. He hadn't ate much that day and we were at a farm, so we figured it was a combination of his allergies and maybe what I had. However, the next morning, he was worse. At this point he wouldn't even drink anything, the fever was up, and he couldn't stop drooling. I thought for sure he had picked up what I had, which was what he originally had. (Talk about family sharing)

Tony was working tech at church and I was supposed to be in the nursery, but stayed home with the boys. It got to the point where he cried for 2 hours straight and wouldn't let me put him down.  I freaked out and called Tony to come home right away. Balancing the two boys, when one was so sick, was impossible. Tony called the doctor's emergency line and we laid out the symptoms for them. Because he had only wet 2 diapers in almost 24 hours, we were told to take him in to the er.
The most heartbreaking picture ever.
I think at this point I was convinced it was Strep. I had it so many times as a kid, I figured that to be it. We waited at the Children's Hospital for what seemed to be forever. The young kid resident doctor came in and did her examine. She did a strep test, ordered an xray (for his enlarged lymphoids) and ordered some blood work.

 Dominic did great for the X-ray. Sure he cried, but he stayed perfectly still. The blood work however, did not go good. They had a really hard time of finding good veins. He was so dehydrated his veins kept collapsing. It literally took a whole episode of Bubble Guppies and almost another whole episode of Blues Clues to drawl the blood. And he was screaming the entire time! After 3 different locations and a blown vein they were finally done. To make a long story short(er) he was sent home empty handed. Telling us that it wasn't a bacterial infection, but a viral one, and that it was probably Mono. She told us to follow up with is doctor tomorrow and to keep pushing liquids.

Well, that didn't sit well with me. "PROBABLY." Hello, that's why we came to the er, so we could KNOW! Ugh.. The following day we went into the doctor. He was way worse. Fever was up and rising. He was so lethargic. Didn't want to do anything, not even hold onto his cars. It was scary. As soon as his doctor saw him, she could tell he was seriously, sick. After a very thorough examination, she came to the conclusion it was Tonsillitis. After a couple shots of antibiotics we went home to rest.

His fever went above 103 that afternoon.  Luckily, cool baths and ibuprofen got his temperature down slightly. It's been a couple of very long sleepless nights and almost another trip back to the hospital. But finally, today, we got the results for the blood work.

It's official our little guy has Mononucleosis, also known as the kissing disease. And as if that isn't bad enough, on top of that he has a secondary infection of tonsillitis.  Talk about a double whammy.

Watching Cars.
 I had mono when I was 12, it was the most uncomfortable painful illness of my life, it took me months to recover. I can't imagine a 22 month old going through this.

So, now we wait for the antibiotics to kick in for the tonsillitis and we load him up on fluids and make sure he gets plenty of rest. He has barely ate the last few days, but thankfully he has maintained sips of pedialyte here and there, and has been out of the danger zones for dehydration.

As a parent, nothing scares you more, than seeing your child so sick. Dominic is a busy little guy. He's had a couple of colds, but that never seemed to stop him. This has completely wiped him out. I am just praying that his little spirit returns and he gets to feeling better soon. Please keep our family in prayer.


  1. awwwwww this made me sad i hope he feels better soon! at that age its hard to see them undergo procedures like that, My brother at the same age was diagnosed with Mono (epstein barr virus) one of my moms friend's kissed him and ended up with it, Once you have had it, the virus remains in the body for life. but only when the person is sick is when it acts up. hes now 21 so when he gets sick hes sicker for a longer period then most. Prayers and good vibes being sent your way! hope things get better soon for you and your family!

  2. Poor little guy - hope he feels better soon!!

  3. What a poor little guy. That picture is just heartbreaking. I can't imagine what he is going through. I hope all gets better soon.


  4. your post made me so sad! poor dominic!! praying for healing!


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