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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giovanni's 7th Month Update

Weight: 17lbs (clothed)
Length: ???
*We go to the doctor at the end of the month. I'll update then.

Our little man turned 7 months old this past Sunday! This past month he just exploded with a bunch of new milestones. And he's gotten so active. He's ready to get down and play with his brother! He's in size 2 diaper and size 3-6 month clothes, but I imagine he'll be moving up to 6-9 month clothes in a couple of weeks. He still takes good naps, but is starting to get up during the middle of the night again, around 4, eats and goes back to bed. Considering he goes to bed around 6:30, I guess that's not too bad. But it's still exhausting.

He's mobile! Although, we've seen him crawl the "normal" way of crawling, he prefers to frog leap his way around. He loves rocking back and forth on his knees and then making the plunge forward. It really is fun to watch. He gets around pretty good, just not very fast. This is my favorite "baby stage". They can play on the floor, but they don't really get into everything yet. Ah..if only it would last.

He's such a happy baby. He smiles at everyone and squeals with excitement. Although, he is a quiet baby. We can take him everywhere, and you probably wouldn't know we had him with us. I'm wondering if that will change? Hmm.. And oh the funny faces he makes. He does this funny face and then huffs and puffs out of his nose. It cracks us up! It's pretty cute to watch.

We're working on some mommy anxiety issues. He doesn't want to leave my side. And if he's held by someone else (daddy, grandma, friend) and he sees me, he will push the person away and reach for me. It's hard, but at the same time, I know how quickly this time fades, so I'm trying to enjoy every second of it. Now onto the fun stuff! 

-Cut his two bottom teeth!

-First solids

-Waves, but doesn't do it consistently yet. (Oh and it's the beauty pageant wave. he he)

-Crawls, but prefers to frog leap :)

-Self feeds baby puffs (found this out by

-Can drink from a straw

Sophie the Giraffe
Crinkly toys
The movie cars (can you tell he has an older brother?)
Summer infant booster seat
Playing on the floor

Swing (we're ready to put it in storage!)
Not being around, near, or held by mommy...

Giovanni is now nicknamed "the tank"! This boy LOVES food! So far he's tried sweet peas, Carrots, Sweet potatoes, Rice Cereal, oatmeal, and pumpkin. ;o) We will be starting him on some fruit and the rest of the vegetables real soon. He eats only once a day right now, but will be moving him to twice a day soon. He eats two jars full, done to the last drop. He's still breastfed and takes the bottle with no hassle at all! This Monday, we gave him so baby puffs (sweet potato) and he really enjoyed them. It's so cute to watch him get so excited over food.

Of course let's not forget the pictures!
Showing off those two little teeth of his! 
He's waving back at me, wondering why I'm waving at him. He he.
It's proving to be more and more difficult taking these pictures. It seems that Gio, has bigger priorities. ;o) 

Now the monthly side-by-side comparison pic:


  1. Oh my he is really adorable! They grow so fast enjoy while you can.

  2. those monthly onesies are so cute!

  3. I can't get over how cute he is! Love the tiger stip outfit....:)


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