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Monday, October 10, 2011

Spooky Traditions!

Happy Halloween!

Growing up, my mom LOVED to decorate for the holidays. It was always something to look forward to. It was magical and fun. And now that the nest is empty, my parents don't decorate as big or elaborate as they used too, which means..she has passed down some of the decorations to us kids! Hello free holiday decor!

I was so excited to continue this tradition, of getting the house all festive for the approaching holiday. Dominic is at such a fun age this year, as soon as he saw all the decorations his face light up like a Christmas tree!

Here are a couple of our doorknob hangers. : )
 And lastly, Mr. Bones. Our friendly movable skeleton.
Dominic loves posing him. 

*I understand some people don't participate in Halloween. We aren't one of them. We LOVE Halloween and yes we are going to let our boys have fun with the holiday. Seriously, they are only kids once, so don't spoil the magic, right?! We see it as a fun time to pretend and nothing else.*

Now for the fun part, costumes! I really wanted the boys to be something fun together as a theme. (Like, Mario & Luigi.) However, Dominic's a little guy and they are in the same size section, so we really couldn't find anything that worked well. Oh well, they're spared for another year. ;) 

So this year, Dominic is going to be a Dinosaur (It's really a dragon..but it's a dinosaur to us! Ha.) And Giovanni is going to be a puppy dog! I'm pretty sure he's the cutest puppy dog ever! The costume is HUGE but we have to will make it work.

 This year we plan to make some fun spooky treats, head out "trick-or-treating" to the grandparents house for some fun pictures, and then go to a local churches' Fall festival, since the boys are too little to actually go trick-or-treating.

What are your plans?


  1. Love your Halloween decorations! New follower, I found you through Tiggerific Tuesday. Feel free to follow back

  2. Oh, I love your little puppy ;) Too cute! We are planning on trick-or-treating and then hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. Thanks for stopping by my blog...following you back :)

  3. i love it!!!! very cute and the costume is adorable!!!! great job! <3

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  7. Love this blog! New follower from the hop.

  8. Yay! I love meeting other people that celebrate Halloween. We always decorate the whole house. This year we need some new tombstones for the front yard cemetery and I think I may try to get hubby to make some real wooden ones that we can paint so they'll last longer than the cheap plastic/foam ones.

    Sebastian is going to be a little lion for Halloween. I usually just wear all black and a witch's hat to give out candy.


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