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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet little boy!

Two years ago, at this very moment, I was deep into labor with you. I was at 6-8cm and amazingly enough the contractions were only every 8 minutes. But I assume that God gave me a little break considering you were giving us quite a scare. Your heart rate kept dropping extremely low and it didn't matter what position I was in, something was wrong. Little did we know that your umbilical cord was tied around your neck twice..and so every time I had a contraction, it would pull a little tighter. Thankfully, God knew what was best and gave the doctors wisdom and an emergency c-section was performed. 

And there you were. 7lbs 11oz 19ins long

You were the most beautiful baby I have ever laid eyes on.

Now it's two years later, and you have brought more joy and happiness into our lives than we ever could imagine. You are the sweetest little boy with the biggest personality, that literally lights up a room when you walk in.

Happy Birthday Dominic! Mommy & Daddy love you!


  1. Such cute pictures!! Happy Birthday to your little boy!!

  2. I remember feeling like I would be in a lactating coma forever! It zipped right by and now we are constantly saying "Wow, it's gone so fast!"
    Thank you for the visit!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  3. Awesome photos ~ Happy Birthday to the little handsome one! Dominic ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy WW ^_^

  4. Great pics and sweet words. Happy Birthday Dominic!

  5. Happy Birthday Dominic. He's gorgeous.

  6. How sweet! Happy Birthday Dominic!

  7. Happy Birthday little guy! My little girl is just 6 weeks old so I can relate to the whole labor/lactating bit.


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