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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let's Talk...Babies, Holidays & Black Friday

This is my hodgepodge post for the week. Life's been keeping me busy. Between Dominic's 2nd birthday party planning (my baby's going to be 2!!!),  and this little blue eyed cutie my days have have been full.

But don't let those baby blues fool you, he's started the stage of getting into EVERYTHING! .. Well, within his crawling height. Ha! He's so much fun now, in a good way. He's our little explorer checking out his world. Dominic on the other hand, isn't so sure what to make of his little brother going after all of his toys. ;o)

Speaking of being busy by the way..

Christmas is coming!! 

In case you haven't been to a store, listened to the radio, or haven't noticed any of the commercials that have been on..but it's true. In less that 45 days, Christmas will be gracing us with it's "presents." ;) 

Ah! This time last year, I was almost done shopping, and I have barely started this year. I am having a really hard time deciding on what gifts to give everyone. I do, thankfully, have the boys mostly done, but Tony's a different story.  He's list requires a translator. <computer geek> Why must men be so hard to buy for?!?

Are you guys ready for Christmas? And yes, I know Thanksgiving comes first....

but why must we save the decorations and music for after? Can't we show our Thankfulness while sitting next to a Christmas tree? I think so! That is why we are planning on decorating this weekend! I'm ready to dig into all the fun festivities the holidays bring!

Again, my mind wonders off..

Have you seen the Walmart's Black Friday ad? It was posted last night, you can view it here. It's not so much the add that interest me, but the time that the store is opening. Try, 10pm on Thanksgiving night! Yes, Thanksgiving night! As much as I LOVE black Friday, and trust me I do..

<Don't believe me? I Shopped Black Friday, 1 day past my due date, when pregnant with Dominic. We got up at 2am and hit up 5 different stores! And it sent me into labor that night. I'm serious. Ha. So ya, I'm dedicated!>

..But opening up on Thanksgiving is taking it too far! And sadly, a lot of big store chains are opening up late that night too.

As for my husband and I, we will NOT be going out Thanksgiving night to shop. I know I'm one family out of a million, but it's time these GREEDY companies realize, that family time and values come first! So, ya there's my rant for the day.

Well, I better be getting to bed. We have contractors coming out to our house in the early a.m. to put in our new custom made front door. It's to replace the one that got busted in when our home got robbed in July. Joyful.

Stay tuned, I have a bunch of post on my "to do list" and I have a product review coming up!

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What's your take on Black Friday moving into Thanksgiving?


  1. It doesn't affect me since I have never done a "black Friday".

  2. I think it's beyond ridiculous. Seriously, it's not "Black Thursday". It's Thanksgiving. Stay with your families, sleep off the extra piece of turkey you ate and wake up at 2 like the rest of us crazy people. I was a little annoyed at Wal Mart opening at midnight last year because it meant that people were in line Thursday night. But 10:00 is really pushing it.

  3. I think it stinks!! What an awful way to spend the holiday that is about so much more than buying STUFF. UGH.

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  5. What a beautiful baby he is, those eyes are gorgeous!

    I love Black Friday but don't really care for it being moved into Thanksgiving. I think that's a day for families and the stores should close at least part of the day.

  6. We wouldn't go shoping on thanksgiving either, and I do like to having my Christmas tree up early too :) Happy Aloha Friday!

  7. I think the stores opening for Black Friday on Thursday is sad - the poor people that have to work instead of spending the whole day with their families! I'm not a Black Friday shopper - I prefer to snag deals online for Cyber Monday or same deals on Thursday night/Friday morning online without the hassle of crushing crowds. ;)

    Thanksgiving is Right Around the Corner

  8. I agree with you.
    I've never been out on a Black Friday sale and I don't think I will. I just don't want to be in a crowd of people shoving each other to death just to get some deal.

    And yes the holidays should be separated and give family time..families NEED to CHOOSE to be with their family instead of letting these companies control how we react and live.


  9. I personally do a lot of online shopping on black friday but hate going out in the traffic as is .. especially since im right beside a mall.... i think they should stick to tradition.. Black FRIDAY! thanksgiving night is a time for family. I know many people would hit it up regardless and i know by that time, kids are going to bed etc so it doesnt affect family time much but.. still stick to tradition..

    chantal @ This Chattanooga Mommy saves

  10. Wow! I'm not shocked but I am surprised. I think Balck Friday should be just that ... Friday. Starting on Thanksgiving will take away from the spirit of the family gathering to give thanks. I fear some people will be leaving to go and get their spot in line at the stores. Sad :(
    But ... HaPpY Aloha Friday!

  11. It's ridiculous, but stores only do it because people give in. I'm all for online shopping on Thursday, but wouldn't go shoping instore on Thanksgiving.

  12. I am not a Black Friday shopper so it doesn't bother me at all!

  13. No I'm not ready. So much yet to do.

  14. That's such a cute picture of your little boy! He's adorable!

    I can't believe you went Black Friday shopping past your due date!! You must be a very dedicated shopper... or just ready to go into labor. :)

    In answer to your question: I do not like Black Friday moving into Turkey Day!

  15. We do not shop on black Friday and Shopping on Thanksgiving is not going to happen either. I really did not appreciate seeing Christmas decorations next to the Halloween decorations this year either. Life has really changed since I was a child. Thanks for sharing. Happy Veterans Day! Have a great week.

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  17. Ughhh! It is so crazy! I just shop on line! So much easier and many of the same deals! :)

    Thank you so much for linking up for our hop! I'm your newest follower! Would love if you would stop by when you get a chance! :) Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    Chubby Cheeks Thinks

  18. I love Christmas too and I say it's OK that you have your tree and decor up for Thanksgiving!! I wish we had Thanksgiving here in Australia :(
    I am not ready either and usually I am the most organised person I know!! Have fun shopping...!!


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