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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -Trick-Or-Treat!

I know you are all probably tired of seeing Halloween posts, but I'm a proud mama and want to treasure these memories forever. So, I put together a Day in the life sort-of post.   After all, this is G's first Halloween and Dominic's first one he can really enjoy.

This was our Halloween Monday..
(To make it legit, add in a ton of dirty diapers, a tantrum or two, and several hundred nursing sessions)

After the long weekend we had, the boys actually slept in a little bit.....6:30! Ha! Got them dressed and made some spooky bite sized pancakes in all sorts of Halloween shapes. Dominic got such a kick out it it. He really enjoyed the pumpkin. 
After breakfast the boys took an extra long nap, almost 3 hours! It was heavenly! Then they got up and played and watched some spooky cartoons, and a new movie I bought them, Hoodwinked
Lunch was around noon. I made some ghostly peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, paired with some fruit snacks and a banana. They are only little once, so why not have some fun, right?! Gotta love our fancy plates! : )

After lunch. We had a monster mash dance party. I think I scared Giovanni half to death. lol. Dominic enjoyed the ghostbuster song best.  It was nap time again, and then it was time for the big event, TRICK-OR-TREATING! The whole time getting ready, Dominic kept saying, "Let's go! Let's go already!" He's a man who knows what he wants. He he he. 

As much as Dominic LOVED his costume, Giovanni HATED his. I can't really blame him, it was 5 times too big. But he did look super cute!

After much back and forth debate as too what we were going to do with Halloween, with Dominic getting over an ear infection..we decided to let him go out after all, but only to a few houses in my parent's neighborhood.

So we spent dinner with my family, munching on some yummy hot dogs and chili. Took several hundred pictures with all the grandkids...

 The ham of the family! ;) 
As soon as he saw paw-paw he crawl-hopped right to him! 

....or at least tried too...

...we then left to go over to Tony's mom's house to let her see the kids in their costumes 
...and then come back to over to my parents to take Dominic out with my brother and his family to go trick-or-treating, while my parents watched Giovanni. And let me just say, Dominic was soooo cute! My niece Sarah and him were adorable!

He followed her every move. And it was so cute, he LOVED knocking on the doors. Even if the person was getting ready to open it, he had to knock on it too. It was simply a wonderful day.

Now that Halloween is over, whose ready for Christmas?! Only 53 more days!! Now, don't worry I haven't forgotten Thanksgiving comes first. I'm just excited to pack away the Halloween decor and start decorating for Christmas!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I'm counting down to Christmas too!

  2. Looked like a wonderful Halloween and everyone was super cute! Thank you for linking up at the Zoo.

  3. I can never get tired of looking at cute kids in adorable Halloween costumes. I just love the dog costume!!

    So glad he was able to enjoy the fun this year and not out due to a obnoxious ear.

    I am counting down the days to Thanksgiving and Christmas! I have so much to do and not nearly enough time to get it all done. Yikes!

  4. I love the costumes, super cute! It sounds like you all had such fun.

  5. This makes me feel so nostalgic! Even though I've never gone trick or treating as a kid.

  6. Oh how I miss those days! Mine are too old for Trick or Treating.

  7. I love that you made a Halloween breakfast and lunch!

  8. What a fun day! Bet momma was tired when all the goblins snuggled into the sheets though! I enjoyed your gallery.

  9. How fun!! I love what you made them for breakfast & lunch and the costumes are to cute!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my WW and I hope you had a wonderful day!

  10. I'm a new follower! :)


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