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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dominic's 2 Year Update

Weight: 26lbs 3oz
Height: 34in 

Our baby is 2! I know, he turned two in November, and I've done like 50 post on him turning two, but it's about time I do an update on him. He has turned into a little boy. He is sweet, loud, and busy all at the same time, and I wouldn't have it any other way. And the facial expressions on this boy are unbelievable! It's so hard not to smile and to discipline, when's he's throwing you one of his "Serious" faces.

He's getting big. He's in 18 month pants, and mostly 24 months shirts. He wears a 5 shoe. He's now in the 40% for height and the 20% for weight, for boys his age. He's definitely growing! He talks all the time! And just blows us away with all the new sayings he picks up. The other day, he was on the phone with my mom, and said, "I love you, I don't know what else to say." And then handed my the phone. So precious! He'll sing parts of songs and he LOVES to dance. It's hilarious to watch him. The boy has the moves. He he. He's finally picked up jumping. I thought he was never going to figure it out. Ha.

He is also one smart cookie. I don't know what other kids his age are doing, but we think he's pretty smart. We're not biased at all. ;) He can complete any puzzle you put in front of him. He knows his ABC's, his first 9 numbers (although, he can only count to 3). He also knows most of his colors.

Toy Story movies and Characters
The Cars Movie
Frosty the Snowman movie

Well, potty training goes back and forth. We will work on it and he'll do great! Then I loose focus or stuff comes up and it gets put on the back burner. But he asks all the time to sit on the potty and when he does we take him and he will go. So, he's definitely ready. This weekend we are actually stepping up and really working him on it. We got him Toy Story underwear and he's all about wearing it. I've also talked with our Doctor and she says work with him while he's interested or you'll have trouble later. I agree so this is it folks, it's TIME! :)

He's growing so fast these days. He's starting to get pickier with the food he eats. But overall, he's a really good eater. He is the cleanest 2 year old eater I have ever seen. He uses a spoon and fork like a pro! We've also reached the terrible two's and have had to start time-outs. We will give him a warning, unless he hits, then he will be sent to the corner. The big thing we're working on is sharing. He's not fine found of that concept yet.

We haven't had his two year old pictures taken yet, but we will soon and I'll post them. I will, however, share one from yesterday. He was so cute drawling away on his board. I just wish time would slow down a little..


  1. He's adorable!!

    Wow, I can't believe he knows his ABC's... I need to step it up because my almost 3 yr old doesn't know her ABC's yet. My almost 3 yr old isn't potty trained either... sounds like y'all are doing great to train him now. :)

  2. Happy new Year newest follower look forward to reading your posts


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