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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy 8 1/2 Months Giovanni!

Weight: 18 lbs 4oz (*Nope got it wrong, it probably was 17lb 4oz!)
Height: ??- Getting Long!

So, I'm just now getting around to doing Giovanni's 8 month update. It's been an incredibly busy last couple of weeks, but here I am. He is officially 8 1/2 months today! It's going by so quick! He's getting to be a big boy. He still fits into 3-6 months sleepers, but just about everything else is 6-9 month now. He's on the last pack of size 2 diapers before the big move up to 3's (which by the way, is the same size as his brother!)

He still a really happy baby. He's working on cutting his two front teeth. If I couldn't visually see the teeth coming in, I would have never known. He's teething like a pro. Sleep is going great. He goes down at 6:30-7 and sleeps until around 7. Naps are another story. Some days he takes great naps, and others he won't nap at all.

He loves to play and he moves all over now. He still kind of does his crawl hop, but he's gotten fast! He knows what toys or food he wants and he will grunt and moan until he sees you getting it, and then he does this little chuckle. Can we say he has our number?

-Mimics certain behaviors (clicking the tongue, waving, huffing, etc)

-Plays "how big are you," and he'll raise his arms

-Claps! And will do it every time someone says, "yay." It's super cute!

-Started on some table foods!

-Gets from a sitting position to crawling on the floor

-Crawling on the floor
-Sit and play car toy
-Playing patty cake 

-Nap time
-Peas & Green Beans

Giovanni is still breastfed! Hurray for 8 months going strong! He's also exploded with new foods this last month and a half, but we can only get him to eat it 1-2 times a day. He's had just about every baby food out there, and he definitely has favorites. He prefers the orange veggies over anything. He hates peas and green beans. Seriously, he whines every time we try and feed it to him, but we keep trying every once in a while. He has also taken interest in some of the foods we eat.Thanksgiving he was in heaven, trying all sorts of new foods. He's had tiny bites of turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mac and cheese, corn, broccoli, and even spaghetti! He's loving all the new flavors!

Now for pictures! I couldn't get him to look directly at the camera for nothing! He was more interested in what his brother and daddy were doing. But they capture his little personality, which is what matters, right?

 How big are you? So big!
 Yay for clapping!! Can you tell he loves patty cake?!

Comparison Picture:


  1. He's so cute!! Happy 8 Months Giovanni!

  2. omg the 8 mo pic looks so much like big d!!!


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