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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I'm taking you on a tour of our house at Christmas. This is our Christmas with 2 little ones, 2 and under. Surprisingly, the only one that bothers the tree is Giovanni! lol. Anyway, we don't have a ton of decorations. Most of the ones are hand me downs from our parents or special gifts.

We will start in the living room, with the main holiday decoration, the tree! 
Lights off..Lights on
It's an 7.5 foot pre-lite $300 tree, that we got back in January last year, for 95% off! Can't beat that savings for a Christmas tree! 

My camera didn't take the best pictures of those red bulbs, but the tree is decorated in red and gold bulbs, gold bows, gold garlened, and sprinkled with special meaning ornaments. It would take forever to show you all the ornaments, but I picked a few of our favorites. We pick a new ornament every year from this clay stand in the mall. The ornaments symbolize something special from the year. 
From left to right. This years ornament, Tony's mom bought for us. Then a couple of Dominic's first Christmas ornaments, and then Giovanni's First Christmas ornaments. Then on the second row, our yearly ornament from last year, and then some our our favorite wedding ornaments. 

Now Starting from the door..We have this holiday floor mat. 
And by the front door..
I placed red and green ribbon underneath, to bring a little holiday decoration to that area. 
The other side of the door. Our Pastor made us that slate painting.
The reason for the season!

Here's a view of out Living Room & Dinning room.

Our couch with our holiday snowmen pillows, and our Christmas stuff animals. 
We keep all the Christmas books here, so Dominic can go through them anytime. 
Close up of our end tables (they are actually our old speakers) and a basket that our Pastor's family gave us last Christmas. It's been put to good use as a toy box for all of Giovanni's little toys! 
Our TV stand area. We place a little village underneath, so Dominic could get a better view of it. He really enjoys it. The snow glob is double sided, on side for Giovanni and the other for Dominic. We made these for the grandmothers for Christmas as well. And finally, our Christmas card holder. I'll show you what I am going to do with all the cards after the holidays.
An angel my mom got us a couple of years ago.
 Such a beautiful saying.
Our lanterns cerebrating the living room and dining room..add a few berries and presto!
Our dinning room all nicely decorated. And yes, we got a new advent calendar. My mom gave me the one I had growing up, so I replaced ours. It's now located in the toy room. 
Close up of our dinning room table. And Charlie the elf. ;)
Our new stockings we got them at Kohls! 
Close up of the detail.
Our hutch. We keep this pretty simple since it's usually just used as a buffet at Christmas time.

Mr. Frosty who talks. 
And after nearly 3 years searching for one, our mistletoe!
The decorations in our bathroom.
A countdown sign hanging on the backside of our kitchen island. We have more kitchen decorations, and I may add them later, but the kitchen is a mess from baking cookies all night. 
We have these adorable door hangings. We have them in Santa and snowmen.
Now, the toy room. We wanted the boys to have a special little tree all for them. We decorated this room blue, sliver, and a few gold pieces.
Lights off..Lights on. 

Our dancing & singing snowman.

It's definitely beginning to look like Christmas around here. We are having a  special party for the kids in the family over at our house. Santa is coming over to surprise the kid. I LOVE the holidays!


  1. I love your decorations! Just beautiful!!

    I'm returning the follow from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! Thanks for following me!

    Merry Christmas from Kortney @ Kortney's Krazy Life!

  2. Everything looks great! I love the stockings and garland on the staircase and love the mistletoe.

  3. wow, your decorations put ours to shame! It looks lovely =)

  4. I love the stockings on the staircase! It makes me wish that we had a staircase! I am following from Super Stalker Sunday. I would love a follow back. Also, come and check out my giveaways from iCaughtSanta & Thirsties Cloth Diapers.


  5. Hi!! I hope you are having a great week and enjoying this holiday season! I've awarded you with a Christmas Spirit award which you can pick up HERE!
    Merry Christmas from Kortney @ Kortney's Krazy Life!


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