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Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Friday Evening

Third post today, I guess I'm playing blog catch up tonight, finally!  I promise to even get around to doing a post about Dominic's birthday party this weekend. 

Life's just been crazy busy lately. I'm pretty sure that's why we are all down with horrible colds. <Well, except Giovanni, he's holding on strong!>  I guess the best part, or the only good part, about being sick, is that it gives you time to slow down. Tonight, we were supposed to go to our Church's Christmas Hayride. I've been looking forward to it for weeks, but since we are all sick, we stayed in and enjoyed a nice warm evening at home watching the Frosty the snowman movies, and eating some yummy cookies we baked.
 Okay, we cheated and got the slice and bake cookies. But remember we are hacking up lungs over here! ;o) Besides, these are soooo delicious!
 Dominic was so excited to eat the cookies, he didn't want to wait! 
Giovanni, well he didn't last through all the excitement. He's working on cutting the 2nd top tooth..Yep, that's right, he cut his first top tooth yesterday!
I'm thankful for nights like tonight. Not necessarily for the gobs of Kleenexes we used, or the crazy sore throat I'm dealing with, but the quality family time we shared.


  1. Friday nights at home with the family are the best in my opinion. And those cookies look scrumptious. Congrats to little man and you for the first tooth.

  2. Hello! Found you via Super Stalker Sunday and Im your newest GFC stalker :) I'd love it if youd stop on by my corner of the blog world ( and check me out as well! Your boys are adorible!

  3. Please note that I'm following you from my other Google profile because blogger won't let me follow anymore from this one. It says I'm following too many.


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