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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WW: Meeting the Big Guy

Last Tuesday, we went with their Granna to go see Santa! It was Dominic's 3rd time seeing the big guy, but it was Giovanni's first! I was sure tears would be flying out of Giovanni, but he held up pretty well. He was calm up until they shoved the Elmo puppet in his face, one to many times. Then, he noticed I walked away. He gave off his warning moans..and once he locked eyes on me, it was all over. Ha! Oh the memories..

The official Santa Picture.


  1. This is so nice! :))

    Best Regards!

    Des of

  2. Great Pic! I am dreading our trip to meet Santa!

  3. The "Official Santa Picture". What a special time. Great post.

  4. Wow they are so cute! Last sunday we took Matthew for his first time with Santa. He didn't cry but neither he laughed =/
    Have a great weekend!

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