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Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Sweet Festival

A couple of weeks ago, our home town had their annual Italian Festival and parade. Last year, Dominic won a Crawling race and won a savings bond. That was pretty cool.  This year however, wasn't terribly exciting, but it's a tradition. 

The best part about the festival is all the great Italian food. It's the only time of year, my husband gets to eat bonyacalda. An Italian dish with a ton of garlic. It's also the one weekend I refuse to kiss him. ; )

We also took the kids to the annual parade. The only thing that made it a parade was the gobs of candy that was passed out. Sigh.. It consisted of a few floats and 27 pageant cars and 50 billion politicians handing out crap.  But nonetheless, Dominic enjoyed it all. Which in the scheme of things, is all that really matters, right?

 And in my typical fashion. Here are some pictures highlighting the day.
 Dominic and his girl friend, Dakotah, enjoying a snack before the parade.
 My friend Jessica and our little G.
 Our boy "whistles." We have no idea where he picked this up, but this is how he does it. 
Smart little guy.
My little love bug.
 Waiting on more candy! (for us!)

 Dominic's favorite thing at the parade..his exact least favorite thing from last year. 
Oh how things change.

Sweet little memories. He'll enjoy it next year, I'm sure.

This weekend we are taking the kids to the pumpkin farm to pick apples and to pick out our pumpkins. I think one of the great things about having kids is being able to share all our old favorite memories. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Kids' Shopping Low Down

Cooler temps are on the way. Are your kids closets ready?  Mine. Well, aren't even close. That means it's shopping time! I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner and the topic is "Show us where you shop for your kids."

I seriously LOVE shopping for my boys. And who says boys clothes are boring? Nope, so not true. Sure, you don't get all the accessories, but it doesn't mean you can't find equally adorable clothing for boys...and for cheap.

Now, I find a lot of our kid's clothing at yard sales or consignment stores. We aren't afraid to buy used at all. Heck, babies outgrow clothes so fast, it makes more sense to.  But when I buy new, this is where we go..

1. Carters - Seriously, they have some adorable stuff there. And I'm not referring to Walmart or Target's brand of Carters, I'm talking about the real deal. <Although, I love those too.> We have an outlet store near our home and it so nice.

Whether it be sleepers, pjs, or onesies, you just can't beat the quality there. Which make them great for handy-me-downs. Also, they use such great vibrant colors. But the thing that brings me back time after time, are the sales. They always have sales going on and I've gotten so many great deals, especially, if you have one of their coupons. Hello savings! But let's not forget to mention their clearance racks. I always find steals in there. They usually, have last years "over" stock in there, so you can really find some cheap deals.

2. The Children's Place- Have you seen my kid's Easter outfits? (They are found here, half way down.) They were freakin' adorable! That pretty much sums up my feelings for their clothes. I discovered this store when Dominic was 6 months. I had always heard they were so expensive, so I never went in one. Then I heard about a sale they were having, and surprisingly enough, their prices weren't bad. Especially, with one of their frequent sales.

They feature a variety of clothing styles. I personally love their dressy church wear and their sports theme clothing. This is also the place I shop for shoes. I hate spending ridiculous amounts of money on toddler shoes, but I don't want shoes that will fall apart either. So, I by here. Fairly cheap, great quality and fit.

3. Kohls, Target, and occasionally Walmart -  Pretty straight forward. I can find some pretty great deals at Kohls. I love the some of target's clothes. And Walmart's Granimals are so adorable!

4. Totsy & Zuilily - Now, here's where I find my unusual and fun clothing at a discount of course! These are private, members only deal sites. But don't worry, it's free to join and they have some AMAZING deals! And bonus, they offer several deals at a time and you can view upcoming deals before they go live. 

They don't just have  kids clothes either. They sell toys, shoes, books, cloth diapers, bras, maternity wear, lingere, etc. I have gotten some many toys and clothes off of these sites, it's amazing. Definitely check them out. 

*So, if you like something my boys wear, you pretty much can find them in one of these stores as well.*

Lesson Learned

Just a little advice....

I do NOT recommend this playmat, if you have a young toddler!

We used this mat with Dominic, when he was a baby. He loved it! So, now that Giovanni can sit up and play. I thought it would be great idea to get it out again. I was wrong. As soon as Dominic saw it he yelled, "PUZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!"  

<Hangs head> Of course, I should have known, to a little toddler, this giant mat is a puzzle! And our boy LOVES puzzles! So after spending all day finding pieces (with teeth marks in them) all around the house, I have now retired this playmat. Sigh. Oh well, good thing we have a extra floor rug. ;)

Linking up with An Island Life, for Aloha Friday. I’ll ask a question for you to answer and you answer below. If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and link up to her blog.

What's a lesson you learned today? 

Thankful Thursday & Family Pictures!

A couple of Saturdays ago, we had family pictures taken, by none other than Amy Lipe. I just Love her work. She did Giovanni's pictures a couple of months ago (Found here.) It was a "fun" experience, my boys were a handful, but the pictures turned out great. Here are our favorites. OK, so I posted nearly all of them.. What can I say, it's soooo hard to choose!

I am so Thankful for this family God has given me. I remember 3 years ago, crying on my mom's couch, in fear I would never be blessed with a child. And here I am today with 2 amazing little guys! They are truly an answer to prayer.


 Our favorite.
Our little Super Hero!
 My favorites of Dominic! My boys and their lashes!
Seriously, could he get any cuter?!
Love this picture, it captures his sweet little personality! 
 "Baskets of fun."
 Two little stinkers :)
21 months & 6months old
 I love the mixture of Nature and Family. Such a beautiful tree. 
It would look great on a mantel.

 Sweet black and whites. : )

Are you thankful today too? Feel free to share. 
I'm linking up with Grace Alone and The Life of a Dairyman.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wordy Wednesday- Brothers

I must confess, when I found out I was pregnant with Giovanni, I secretly was hoping for a girl. Thankfully, God knew what was best for our family and gave us a  brother for Dominic. And let me just say, I am so happy we had another boy!!

What a true blessing Giovanni has been. And it completely melts my heart to see my boys interact with each other. Dominic love his "Va-nni," so much! And Giovanni is just mesmerized by him. I know that they will be life long friends.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the boys together over the last 6 months.

 Meeting each other for the first time.
Patting his head. Trying to see if he's real or not.
Dominic finding out, that he's coming home with us.
Holding his baby brother for the first time.
 16 Months & Almost 1 month old
 All hugs for baby brother
 Easter Sunday
 Dominic telling Giovanni about the world..or plotting against us. 
We're not really sure. ;) 
"Quiet brother. Just smile, and they'll stop taking pictures."
 Best expression ever. He he.
Dominic showing Gio how to style his hair, to get all the ladies 
All smiles for brother.
Just another Sunday afternoon playing.
 I can only imagine this to be the first of many
wrestling matches in the future.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Out of Commission

*Photo from google*
An epidemic has hit our home....

I have been struck by the plague!

Alright. Alright, so it only feels that way.


I am so sick. Who knew a sinus infection could leave you feeling so horrible? And of course, moms don't get sick days, especially, breastfeeding moms.

Thank God for Sudafed and for my wonderful husband, who has taken care of the boys as much as possible this weekend, so that I could rest. He really is amazing!

Now, back to my Kleenex box and cough drops..

Friday, September 23, 2011

Say What?!?

Guess what folks, Christmas is in 92 DAYS!!

In a panic? 

Ya, me too! It's coming up fast. I don't know about you, but I start shopping early. Like 3 weeks ago early. I want to enjoy the Christmas season, not just spend the whole season stressing about presents and money. I actually want to spend it, celebrating the true reason for the season, Christ. So I thought I would share my top place I shop to keep my shopping organized and to keep on budget.

AMAZON - Last year, I discovered Amazon. Yes, I know it's been around a while. But, "I" just discovered it. And let me just say, I am a huge fan!

My favorite thing I LOVE about Amazon, are the wishlists. It makes it super easy to organize gift lists for everyone. I create one for everyone in my family, even grandparents, nieces & nephews.

I can also choose to keep the list private or share them with family or friends. I usually share our family's with the grandparents. They love it, because it makes it easy on them as too what to buy. And I can put a  priority level on each item.I can also write a comment on any item and let them know if it is sold some other place for cheaper. How nice is that?

Another thing I love, they also give you a lot of buying options. I can usually buy any item, brand new or used. Depending on what I want, buying used may be okay and save me some even more money! (Although, never buy used for gifts.) You can also check out the buying options and search as to which store online has it for cheaper, but still buy through amazon. Sweet.

So if you haven't discovered the awesomeness, that is Amazon, look into it. And don't panic with your Christmas shopping. Take your time getting organized, make a list (and stick to it), search for deals, and buy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Today, I am thankful for my parents and the wisdom they have taught me through their example. On Friday, they are celebrating their 39th Wedding Anniversary. 39 YEARS! In a time of huge divorce rates, I am shown what a great life-long relationship looks like.

Like all marriages, they have known hardships, they have known suffering, they have known struggles, and they have known loss. They have been through rich or poor, sickness and good health. But through all the valleys and mountains, they have sought God first and worked together as a team every step of the way. 

They created a family with the most important ingredient, a strong foundation in the Lord, and they have filled our family home with laughter, respect, and happiness. I have learned so much through their example and they continue to teach me.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

*Are you feeling thankful this Thursday? Why not share it? I'm linking up with Grace Alone and The Wife of a Dairyman. *

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We have Teeth!

Or I guess I should say, Giovanni has a TOOTH! :) 

Finally, my teething little monkey cut his first tooth Tuesday morning! His second one is not to far behind. I said previously, it would be any day, but I didn't actually think it would be that night!

He's going to look so cute with those little bottom center teeth!
 Now the fun begins..and the biting! Ouch! Ha. : )


Make that, Giovanni has TWO teeth!!
Second tooth popped through this afternoon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

 While riding in a shopping cart...
 While playing with his trains...
While on a short car ride across town...
While getting changed and dressed for bed...

When Dominic's asleep, he's asleep.
He wakes up for nothing!

(Well, unless it's morning nap.
.then he wakes up when the birds chirp, ugh. lol)