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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dominic's 2 Year Update

Weight: 26lbs 3oz
Height: 34in 

Our baby is 2! I know, he turned two in November, and I've done like 50 post on him turning two, but it's about time I do an update on him. He has turned into a little boy. He is sweet, loud, and busy all at the same time, and I wouldn't have it any other way. And the facial expressions on this boy are unbelievable! It's so hard not to smile and to discipline, when's he's throwing you one of his "Serious" faces.

He's getting big. He's in 18 month pants, and mostly 24 months shirts. He wears a 5 shoe. He's now in the 40% for height and the 20% for weight, for boys his age. He's definitely growing! He talks all the time! And just blows us away with all the new sayings he picks up. The other day, he was on the phone with my mom, and said, "I love you, I don't know what else to say." And then handed my the phone. So precious! He'll sing parts of songs and he LOVES to dance. It's hilarious to watch him. The boy has the moves. He he. He's finally picked up jumping. I thought he was never going to figure it out. Ha.

He is also one smart cookie. I don't know what other kids his age are doing, but we think he's pretty smart. We're not biased at all. ;) He can complete any puzzle you put in front of him. He knows his ABC's, his first 9 numbers (although, he can only count to 3). He also knows most of his colors.

Toy Story movies and Characters
The Cars Movie
Frosty the Snowman movie

Well, potty training goes back and forth. We will work on it and he'll do great! Then I loose focus or stuff comes up and it gets put on the back burner. But he asks all the time to sit on the potty and when he does we take him and he will go. So, he's definitely ready. This weekend we are actually stepping up and really working him on it. We got him Toy Story underwear and he's all about wearing it. I've also talked with our Doctor and she says work with him while he's interested or you'll have trouble later. I agree so this is it folks, it's TIME! :)

He's growing so fast these days. He's starting to get pickier with the food he eats. But overall, he's a really good eater. He is the cleanest 2 year old eater I have ever seen. He uses a spoon and fork like a pro! We've also reached the terrible two's and have had to start time-outs. We will give him a warning, unless he hits, then he will be sent to the corner. The big thing we're working on is sharing. He's not fine found of that concept yet.

We haven't had his two year old pictures taken yet, but we will soon and I'll post them. I will, however, share one from yesterday. He was so cute drawling away on his board. I just wish time would slow down a little..

2011 in Pictures

Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Very Merry Christmas

This year's Christmas was absolutely awesome.  I must say it's true, having little kids make the Christmas season so much more fun. Dominic was totally loving every second and it was Giovanni's very first Christmas. He was just a little ham enjoying it all.
And despite me spraining my ankle on Christmas Eve. We still managed to spend the day at both sides of our family. (After the er trip)..We spent the afternoon at Tony's mom's house, with the one sister that lives locally and her kids.  It's always a great time. Tony's mom, Sarah, makes "My favorite soup, (that's the name of the soup)and a whole bunch of deserts and candy. I missed out on all the food, but managed to get there in time to watch the boys open up their gifts.

It didn't matter who was opening gifts, Dominic was excited. It was such a joy to see him taking in every bit of Christmas this year.
"Choo choo trains, Granna!"
Opening up gifts at granna's house. 

Such a fun moment, when the kids (Tony's sisters 7 kids) opened up their big gift from Granna, a XBOX 360 with Kinnect! Can you tell it was a big hit? 
Nothing beats good old family time at Christmas.

 We missed Christmas Eve services, so we could spend time with Tony's family, so after that we went straight to my family's. Things were a little different this year. We didn't have our regular big meal there until Christmas Day, so we just got KFC. It worked out just fine. ;)
 My Brother and his family. 
My niece and Dominic watching Frosty, waiting patiently to open their presents. 
 My mama and the family dog, Trixie.
 Every since I was a little girl, I would buy my dad a new calendar for his office at work. Now, that I've gotten older and he has 4 grandkids, I started making him a calendar filled with family photos from the last year. It's always a special gift. 

 Nom nom nom..yummy paper! 
The cutest part of the night, was this right here. Giovanni was soooo excited over this gift. He was cooing and giggling, it was adorable! 
He didn't get too involved in the unwrapping, I imagine that will change come his first birthday.
Despite both the boys totally crashing in the car that night, Giovanni woke up as soon as we got in the door. Dominic not so much. We managed to get him up long enough to layout cookies and milk for Santa, and then he was out. 

 After Dominic went to bed, I rested my ankle with my little babe on my shoulder. It's my absolute favorite picture. These are the moments I want to remember forever. So sweet in my arms, they grow up way too fast. 

Considering all the gifts the boys get from the grandparents, we might have went a little over board this Christmas, but every kids deserves to be a little spoiled once or twice, right? : ) 
 Santa came! 
We got up at 7:30 Christmas morning. We were able to get up and dressed before Dominic woke up at 8:30. Seeing his reaction was so special.

"Airplanes too!" He walked completely around the table before realizing he had other presents. It was adorable. 
I think Tony had as much fun helping the boys open their gifts as he did opening his own. 

Playing with some of him new toys. From us and Santa he got Lil' Zoomers Spinnin' Speedway, Bilibo, a bucket of beads, sensory balls, and stack and roll cups. His stocking was filled with mum mums, yougart melts, a sippy cup, 2 little cars for his big toy, and a little zoo talk animal. 
Dominic opening up some of his gifts. Top left is a box of Thomas Trains (got a steal off of Craigslist!), then playing with a zhu zhu pet, then a cleaning kit and a doctors kit I(hello black Friday sales!). We also got him some hot wheel cars, a Tag Junior (another steal off of Craigslist!), puzzles, lacing beads, Goodnight moon the game, play food & an apron and chef's hat.

Tony and I had originally said we weren't going to exchange gifts this year, but like neither of us stuck to it. After we exchanged some gifts to each other, he hands me this giant box! I was shocked to find a much needed winter coat inside!! Seriously, he is the most thoughtful gift giver. I love it! 
Our big Christmas present this last year! Happy First Christmas Giovanni!

At 2 we went over to my parents house again for their big feast! Tony's mom, and my aunt Susie & cousin Samantha joined us. It was a nice evening, minus my foot pain. 
 Somebody is getting sleepy! :) 
 He loves his paw paw. 
My cousin Sammy and I.
 My sister-in-law Kelli with her daughter and Dominic. He loves to hijack their family pictures. ;)
 Opening up his last present, a race car track! 
 Giovanni enjoyed some big people food! He prefers regular food over baby food these days. 
It was great weekend full of memories. Now to clear out some space for all our new toys, and get the house put back together for our New Year's Eve party!