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Monday, January 23, 2012

Traveling with an Infant

Giovanni and I just got back from spending a week in Florida with my friend Amanda. Considering the circumstances, Tony and I decided it would just be me going, and since Giovanni was exclusively breastfed, him as well. It was a tough call leaving my other men home, but it was the right thing. 

My brother works for an airline and gets "passes" which are standby tickets. He was gracious enough to give me one of his tickets so I could fly down to Jacksonville and back. I have only ever flown once (well twice but only for one trip)! Yep, I'm pretty much a flying rookie. And add in a baby this time around and you could say I was scared to death! Seriously, we've all heard those horror stories of babies screaming the whole time... But I can honestly say flying with a 9(10) month old was WAY easier than expected! Maybe it's the age, or that  he's an unbelievable great baby already, but it went flawless.

We talked with our pediatrician for some advice on flying beforehand and she said that take off and landing could pose a problem for their little ears, so have them suck on a bottle or paci on landing and if their ears are bothering them then use Hot-hands. They are sold at Walgreens for a $1. Every babies different, but thankfully I never had a problem and he slept through all the landings. 

*A MUST* Bring an umbrella stroller! It's not just for having it on the trip, but it's so convenient while traveling as well.  It's nice to use around the airport and not have to juggle the bags and the baby in my arms. It was also convenient that I could take it with me all the way up into I boarded the plane and it was waiting for me as soon as I got off the plane. 

These are the items I packed into our diaper bag as a carry on:

-5 diapers (better be safe than sorry)
-Change of clothes 
-A small bag of 4 "quiet" toys
- sandwich bag of cheerios
-sandwich bag of puffs
-1 bottle of breast milk

*Important reminder* If you didn't spring for an extra ticket, but instead are going to have your baby as a lap child (like I did), then make sure to bring their birth certificate with you. Doesn't matter how old the child is, they will need to verify that the babe is under two. 

 Our view headed to Florida from the sky.
Nothing but snuggles the whole way back!
  He fell asleep 20 minutes into the flight and slept until we landed, even through all the horrible turbulence! Such a sweetie. 
The real key to a successful flight is to know your child and pack accordingly. It's really is as simple as that. And remember people generally are understanding and are willing to help.


  1. Traveling s tough no matter who you are with ... that's why I love head phones:) Hope you can stop by soon!

  2. You're a brave Mama! You've been tagged-


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