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Monday, February 13, 2012

Enjoying the Sunshine

Winter is rough as a mom. After months playing outside, I have to get creative to keep the little ones busy, especially if the weather is bad, and we can't even leave the house. Play dates are more spaced out and stir craziness sets in...

 But not this year!!

 If you live in the Mid-west, you probably will agree that this has been an usually mild winter. Now, maybe today isn't the best day to talk about how "warm" it is, considering it's 30 degrees and snowing out there.. but it has been a super warm winter. January, we were able to get a TON of outdoor play time in and some days we didn't even need a jacket! It was crazy "warming" madness, and we're just soaking it all up!
Our first play date at the park in the New Year,
and Giovanni's first time on the swings.

         Having fun with his cousin, Sarah. They are two peas in a pod.

 You'll have to agree, doesn't it always seem that kids are so much more well behaved and relaxed when they can play outside? I guess they get a bit stir crazy as well. ;-)  


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