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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 11 Months Giovanni!

Weight: 18lbs 3 oz
Height: ?? Doctor didn't measure him.

Giovanni is now less than a month away from turning 1! :) He's pulling up on everything, starting to cruise, and just this morning pushed his little table and took a few steps!  I don't think he'll be walking before he turns one though, but he has definitely gotten braver.

Now, birthday party talk! His party planning is well on it's way. We are having it on St. Patrick's Day at our church in Dr. Seuss theme. It's either going to be so cute or a disaster. Ha. But, It's been so much fun planning. The color theme is aqua blue, red, and white, with a few yellow accents. We are having a full Dr. Seuss themed homemade food buffet and cupcakes.

-Pulling up on everything

- Starting to cruise. Takes one or two steps between objects.

-Says the new words "boo, bro, ni-ni (night-night)"

-Got 2 new top teeth (total of 6 now)

-Push and walk with a toy!

-Likes: brother's toys, playing on the floor, Mickey Mouse, and the movie Cat and the Hat, brushing his teeth, following his brother around the house, his walker, getting read too and toy cars

-Dislikes: Cherries, socks, getting something he wants taken away

Ignoring the fact that he's had a Stomach flu virus the last week...he normally eats 3 meals. At least 2 finger or table foods(usually breakfast and dinner) and 1 baby jar food. Still nurses like a champ. We haven't started the weaning process yet, and won't until after a year.

We haven't taken his monthly pictures yet, but he is one taken on Valentine's Day, 2 days shy of 11 months. I'll add his monthly pictures once we take them. But this one should hold you over. :)

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