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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not a Typical Saturday Night

My husband is a super shy and quiet guy, but he is a romantic! Saturday, he told me he had a special surprise for me and to be ready by 4, and not to worry about babysitting, it had already been taken care of. 

Can we say he's a keeper?! Seriously, I am blessed. 
We hardly ever get date nights. It's hard when you are still nursing, let alone having too very little ones. And after all the sickness in October and two rounds of Croup this January, I'm pretty sure we've only gone out twice in the last year. 

At 4pm, we dropped off the boys at my parents house and headed to a 5 Star restaurant on The Hill in St. Louis. Ah, only one of the finest Italian dinning around! It was such a wonderful experience. The food was AMAZING, the service was outstanding, and the prices were traumatizing! Ha. ;-)  

After dinner we went to see the movie, Chronicle. It's a making of a Super Hero/Villain type film, that follows three teenage boys who get super powers. It's seriously a great movie, totally our style. 

Thanks honey, for giving me a night to remember. 

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