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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Surviving the Stomach Flu

Gio's first ER trip...
Everyone down with the never ending stomach flu....

Yep, the last week has been HELL!

I'm pretty sure, my husband and I deserve our parent "wings" this week. I mean seriously, there is nothing worse than the stomach flu. Seeing your 11 and 26 month old throwing up nonstop, all the while your bent over a bucket yourself. It's horrible!

Gio got sick last Thursday, we ended up having to take him to the er, where he got hooked up to an IV for fluids and meds. He also had a double ear infection going on. Poor little dude. He never cried or even fought it. He just laid there and took it like a champ. Then Dominic and I got sick with it on Saturday early morning, and then Tony came down with it late evening. It wasn't until Monday that I finally felt better. Ugh.

We ended up having to talk Giovanni back to the Dr because he was STILL throwing up. After a probiatic and another med, he seems to finally better. Of course Dominic is still throwing up. He starts the same round of meds today, so hopefully the end is in sight.

It's been a crazy week to say the least, but we've learned a few things.

Our keys to survival:

1. Sense of humor. - Seriously, if you can't laugh at the fact that your toddler just threw up all over your bedspread then preceded to slip and fall into it, crashing into the newly bathed baby dressed in fresh clean clothes, then you probably aren't going to make it through.

2. Be Prepared.- Lay down towels and have a bucket ready. And let's not forget the obvious, Lysol. You're going to need it. Just go ahead and buy another can or two..

3. Anti-Nauseous medicine.- If your child is throwing up nonstop for a while, call your doctor and ask about anti-nauseous meds. It works wonders on their little tummies, and your sanity.

4. Push the fluids. Food isn't essential right away, fluids are. Kids can dehydrate so fast. Even small sips every 10 minutes help. And if your child hasn't had a wet diaper in 8-12 hours, call the doctor right away.

5. When in doubt, wait it out. Just because they haven't thrown up in a couple of hours doesn't mean you  should load them up with food. Unless of course, you wanted to get thrown up on or clean up diarrhea all over the place. Ease into food. Start off with very light food. Breads, puffs, then work up to more substantial nutrients. Pedilite pops are wonderful.

I'm no expert, but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn once. ;-) Ha ha. No, seriously, these are just a few tips that I wish I would have known sooner. And they work for adults too. Because lets face it, us moms aren't immune, and will most likely get it ourselves.


  1. I'm glad y'all are finally on the mend. Thankfully we haven't experienced the whole family having the stomach flu yet. I love your tips... keeping your sense of humor is always good! I had to laugh a little about your description of your little one throwing up, falling in it and bumping into the clean baby. So funny!

  2. So sorry you have all been sick. When I got sick a couple of weeks ago I was so scared they would all get it. Fortunately, even though they did, we didn't all have it at the same time. You seemed to have handled it quite well.
    I am stopping by from the Spreading Love Weekend Hop. I didn't realize I wasn't already following you. I have rectified that and I added you to my circles (Karen Waide and Tots and Me)
    Have a great weekend. Hope you can stop by and link up to my Lovin' the Weekend Blog Hops (they go live Fri at 6pm)

  3. I'm so with you on the sense of humor. I hope all are well soon.

    Stopping by from the Friday Hops.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Been there done that. Sounds like you did earn your wings. I hope you are all feeling better. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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