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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giovanni's Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Bash!

Saturday, we had Giovanni's 1st Birthday Party. We went all out and had a Dr. Seuss Extravaganza! 

The Welcome Table. 
Sign in sheet. The sign was supposed to be in color, but life least it got printed! ;) 
Table decor.
Personalized confetti and 1fish 2fish fishbowl snacks.
Month by month growth poster.
Other view of room. 
First table, starting off the food. 

Yum yum!
It's not a Dr. Seuss party with out Green Eggs & Ham!
The Drink table and fun colorful straws.
The Birthday Boy station.
The desert table.
Part of the cupcakes. 
Our Truffula tree pops! (Rock candy and suckers)
Giovanni's adorable Smash Cake!
Simply adorable (and yummy!)
The treat bag table with a sign that read:
"Today was good. Today was fun.
Thank you, Thank you, everyone!"
Center piece for the gift table. 
The gift table with some of the gifts. The sign reads:
"Today you are you,
that's truer than true.
There's no one alive,
that's youer than you. --Dr. Seuss"

Our matching shirts! Thing Mom, Thing Dad, Thing 1 & Thing 2. 
Gotta love Dominic's expression. Hehe. He just wanted to play. 

During Giovanni's 1 year slideshow, the kids got up on stage and danced. It was so adorable!

 Opening some books, one of his favorite things!

Ooo paper!
Hmm.. what is this?!?
Yum! YUM!!
The Cake after Giovanni got a hold of it. 
The aftermath. Needless to say, I think he LOVED it!
The kids had so much fun playing under that table.
The happy little 1 year old! 
The worn our parents. But it was worth it! 
The LOOT! This kid made out like a bandit! 
I'd say he had a great party! 


  1. Awesome party! What a lucky little guy!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That party looks amazing! I didn't do that much for our son's birthday. His party was Winnie the Pooh themed because he loves Pooh Bear. New follower from Tiggerific Tuesday blog hop.

  4. You really did go all out! Super cool party!

    I simply LOVE that cake. Oh and happy birthday to the little man.

  5. How creative and festive! Happy first birthday to your little guy! :)

  6. Looks like an amazing time! I love the Dr. Seuss theme!

  7. This party is amazing! You didn't overlook even the smallest detail. WOW! AMAZING!

  8. So much fun!! The cake was adorable!

  9. Wow! Super adorable cake, love all the decor, and all the small details around the room. You did such a great job!

  10. I love everything! What a cool idea for a party! You didn't miss a trick, did you? AMAZING!! :)

    Knock-Off vs. Genuine Hunger Games

  11. Wow! This party was amazing! Can you just come and do all the work for my little girl's first birthday coming up?

  12. Look at you Mama, I mean Thing Mom!
    From the goldfish bowls, to the rock candy, the cakes ... you aced the party!!!

  13. What a party!! Thing mom you out did your self. I want to be Thing 1. Haha. Great party. You should be a party planner.

  14. Aw, what a wonderful party!! Everything looks great! Love the smash cake and all the fun little details everywhere. Love your shirts too... so cute!! Great pictures... that last pic is the perfect ending. :)

  15. Sooo Cute! It looks like it was a lot of fun!

  16. Hi i love your idea for this party super cute i was just wondering where i can get a shirt like that??

    1. Thanks! It was super fun to do. I bought our shirts from two different venders, but I could have bought them all at either or. I just happened to wait until the last minute to get our shirts and buying off Ebay was a faster delivery.

      So, I got our (the adult shirts)shirts off Ebay. Here is the shop link.

      And I bought the boys shirts off Etsy.

      All the shirts turned out great and well made. Not a cheap iron on. The feel professional. The boys shirts ran a little small, and our shirts ran big. Hope this helps!

  17. Thank you very much U have a gift you should be a party planner. :)


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