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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Bash #1

We celebrated Easter early with my family this past Sunday. They held an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, lunch, and gave them the Easter baskets that my mom made. The kids had so much fun. My kids are so spoiled! lol.
They filled their living room full of balloons and made balloons banquets for the kids. The kids went bananas!
Well, except Giovanni, he slept through most of the party. 

My mom is so talented! They are so cute!
Waiting patiently...

Taking a break to find Dandelions! 
Back to work.
 The haul they made..Notice Dominic's already diving in. lol
 My sister-in-law and her girls. 

Every year I say I don't like the whole "Easter bunny season." The whole bunny/pastel/egg part annoyed me. But I must say since having kids, I am getting into the spirit more.  Now if this weekend could hurry up and get here! Tony's sister and family are coming into town, and we have full weekend of fun planned!


  1. We had one Easter a few weeks ago with our ganddaughters. This weekend it's for my grandsons. I love the photos. they look like the egg hunt was fun.

  2. what fun!!! lucky you!! happy Easter!!


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