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Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Craftiness - Pre-made Style!

My mom loves doing craft projects with the kids. So, for Easter, she ordered from Oriental Trading, several little crafts that Dominic (2) and my niece (almost 4) could do.  (No mess, no cutting, just cute little finished products!) We made little movable bunnies and different farm themed Easter eggs. The kids had so much fun!
Dominic wanted my mom to help him, 
so I got to work with my niece. :) 
He really got into pretending to be a bunny 
with the bunny ears. 
Showing off the completed look. So cute! 
Next up was worked on little animal themed eggs. 
By this time Dominic was more interested in playing with the the eggs than posing for pictures, but they turned out to be so cute! 
A close up of one of the eggs, the puppy dog! 
And of course my little turkey with another basket on his head! This boy and hats! My mom needle pointed those adorable baskets and one of her best friends made that adorable outfit for Dominic! 

I have a bunch of posts soon to go out! I am a bit behind, but with all this gorgeous weather, who wants to stay inside? :) Hope you are also able to enjoy some Spring activities!

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