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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend Craziness!

We had Tony's sister and and family in town this weekend.  We went to the zoo, dyed Easter eggs, went swimming, went to church, and had Easter celebrations. It was just a crazy busy weekend, but oh so much fun!
Some of the grandkids..

 Tony's sister and family..

A hug for taking him to see the giraffe's. It's his favorite animal!

 Gasp me with glass! :P

 Looking at animals is a tiring job!

 Never give a baby an egg to color..
 Koolaid packets make the most vibrant colors!!

Giovanni's first time swimming! I'd say he enjoyed it!

 The Easter bunny came! He must have hit up a big sale on much needed outdoor toys..
 Checking out the baskets..

 Giovanni wouldn't go out into the grass to hunt eggs...he just stayed right there and watched his big brother. lol!

 Our handsome Italian little men.

 It really is not easy taking candy from babies..

 It was a wonderful crazy weekend. Although it was great having family in town, I think we'll take this week to relax and recover. :)


  1. I would never have thought to use Kool Aid to color eggs. Do you put it with just water or a water and vinegar mixture?

    1. We used just water. I would not have thought of it either, got to love Pinterest!

  2. Looks like a really fun, busy weekend!! Great pictures!


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