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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teaching the True Easter to Toddlers

With all the fun activities that go on this season. It is important to us that the boys know what this season is truly about... Jesus! I really wanted to incorporate in our family, a more God focus, and we've been doing this through fun activities and simple little lessons that are age appropriate.

I got this idea several years ago through a friend of mine, who shared it on Facebook. I immediately took note and scribbled it down to be done later..and here I am. 

I took 12 eggs (we used ones previously collected) and turned them into and Easter Advent of sorts! Each egg represents 12 events leading up to Resurrection Sunday (Easter). Inside our 12 eggs are a Bible Verse to an event, and with each event comes a prop to help them remember. 

Day 1: Triumphal Entry 
Verse: Matthew 21:1-9
Symbol: donkey

Day 2: Jesus washes the disciples feet 
Verse: John 13:1-20
Symbol: Washcloth

Day 3: Passover 
Verse: Luke 22:7-23
Symbol: Animal Crackers

Day 4: Jesus Prays on Mount of Olives
Verse: Luke 22:39-46
Symbol: Praying Hands

Day 5: Jesus Arrested 
Verse: Luke 22:47-54
Symbol: Flashlight

Day 6: Peter's Denial 
Verse: Matthew 26:69-75
Symbol: Rooster

Day 7: Judas Returns Silver 
Verse: Matthew 27:3-9
Symbol: 3 Silver Coins

Day 8: Jesus before Pilate 
Verse: John 18:28-32
Symbol: Crown of a King

Day 9: Jesus to be Crucified 
Verse: John 19:1-16
Symbol: Crown of Thorns

Day 10: Crucifixion 
Verse: John 19:17-37
Symbol: Cross

Day 11: Jesus is Buried 
Verse: John 19:38-42
Symbol: Rock

Day 12: Resurrection 
Verse: Matthew 28:1-10
Symbol: Empty Egg

"As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."
- Joshua 24:15 


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I love how your resurrection eggs are different than mine...I'll have to do one like yours another year. I'm your newest follower :).

  2. Happy Easter to you - it's such a delight to meet you! I loved your post and invite you to share it at the current Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy (lots of good Easter stuff there!)

    I also enjoyed your "meeting the Easter Bunny" photo and invite you to share it at Wordless Wednesday!

    Have a blessed weekend with your family!

    Create With Joy

  3. That is a great idea! I'm going to need to remember this for when I have my own children!


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