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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

WW: Best April Fools Prank Ever!

April Fools landed on a Sunday this year, which is the perfect opportunity to prank our Pastor. So, My friend Jenn and I did just that! We got to the church late Saturday night, and got to work wrapping his WHOLE office in Christmas Wrapping paper!  (Now, before you freak out, I work at the church, so I knew he'd be a good sport about it.) We wrapped every big and small item there was! It took around 3 1/2 hours, but it was worth it just to see everyone's reaction the next morning!

His fancy new chair all wrapped in pretty paper..this is before was wrapped it in saran wrap. 
The sign we left on his desk. ;) He sadly caught us in the act. But was indeed very surprised! Should have caught that on tape! Ha. 

Need an idea for next year? ;-)


  1. Great Idea! Wish you captured his face when he walked in Lol!

    1. I know! I was going to film it, but he came in earlier that expected!

  2. that is lot of dedication to your prank! lol

  3. That is amazing! the office chair, the lamp, wow, what a prank.

  4. wow! that looks like a huge effort...what fun!

  5. that is too funny - love the prank!!

    happy ww!

  6. That's great! I would have never thought to do that.

    I usually teach class on that day, but seeing that it was on a Sunday didn't allow for too many pranks. Usually I tell them that I'm dissatisfied with their work and attention. Then I hand over a huge assignment. I have a handout and everyone buys it at first.

  7. I'd love it if this prank was done on me!

  8. That's hilarious (and a lot of work!)- I bet he was SO surprised!


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