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Thursday, May 31, 2012

10 Signs You're a Mom To a Toddler

10. You have become a healer. You now make all boo boo's disappear, with a kiss..

9. You are now terrified at what you might find when there is silence..

8. You can't remember the last time you went to the bathroom by yourself..

7. You own more sippy cups than you do shoes..

6. You will dance, make funny noises, or make bribes to get your child to look in the direction of the camera..

5. You now spell out words that evoke strong emotions, like n-a-p, b-a-t-h, c-o-o-k-i-e, etc..

4. You have no idea when your favorite show is on, but you know every time Team Umizoomi or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on..

3. Your ipod, cell phone, and tablet are now filled with educational apps rather than music..

2.  You now hear yourself saying things like, "don't touch that bird poop, let go of your pee-pee, etc"..

1. You have no shame, and will tell EVERYONE that your kid went #2 on the potty!

...Yep, I'm a mom to a toddler. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WW: Long, Long Ago a Kid Far From Awake...

On our way home from church, we found we had a sleeping Darth Vader in the car. Dominic apparently,  found his mask and put it on, without us realizing it. Ha ha, have I told you he is crazy for masks and hats?!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

He's Walking!...and now he's falling...

I finally caught Giovanni walking on camera this weekend, while at a friend's house warming barbecue. He was doing so good and was so proud of himself, until well...he face-plants... 

Oh well, in life there are many BUMPS along the way. :) 

No worries, he was okay. We picked him up and gave him kisses and he was already begging to get down and walk again...with more caution. Although, his nose and upper lip are a little scrapped up. I guess this makes for his first learning to walk injury. But as you can see, he has started to take off! :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meet Our 2 1/2 Year Old Cowboy

This little cowboy has stolen my heart.
 His bigger than life personality and hilarious expressions just make him a blast to be around. Even his orneriness is dangerously cute. Today, I got some one-on-one time with him. It's such a rare event to have this time together and even though it was just shopping, we had so much fun. In just a couple of weeks he will be 2 1/2. That is crazy! How did my little 7lb 11oz baby boy turn into this little adorable charmer? Gah, I love him.

My husband and I were talking tonight about all the crazy cute things he says. I never want to forget this stage he's in. Imagination runs high and the hugs are endless. Here are some of  the little things he has done and said over the last week or so. I'm sure there's more, but at 12 am on a Friday night, this is all I can remember. ;)

  • He walked up, turned around and bent over..."Mommy, I fell and hurt my butt, will you kiss it?" 
  • Serious face. "I can't take a nap, I'm batman!" Alright then...
  • Dom: "I want to go to whore house." Me: "Where do you want to go?!?!? Dom: "Whore house." Me: "Do you mean OUR house?" Dom: "Yes, whore house." smh. 
  • Every time a Charmin commercial comes one, "Mommy, do you want that?" Me: "um..I do. Mommy loves toilet paper." Dom: "Yep, I want that too!!!"
  • If you give him an answer he doesn't like, he's say, "hmm, what about <insert his answer>?" 
  • Tony was putting some of Dominic's clothes away in his closet and Dominic sat up in bed and said, "ah, not again! I'm trying to sleep here!" 
  • Tony was talking about taking the car in for repairs and Dominic told him, "just get a new car."
  • Every where we go he tells people, "this is my brother!" Such a proud big brother!
  • Dominic woke up from a nap, help up his Spider man figure and said, "Mommy, Spider man pooped!" Me: "He did, did he?" Dom: "Yep, look." After further examination, Spider man was indeed was covered in poop. Dominic's poop. SMH. Oh how fun little boys can be! ;)  
  • But the one thing that turns my heart to mush, is we have this thing that we do. One of us says, I love you, and we go back and forth, (I love you more, I love you most, etc.) until it ends with him saying, "I love you mostered." Yep, melts my heart every time. 

Terrible two's? Blah, I'm enjoying these days.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seeping Skeletons

I don't intend for this blog to dip into the closets of my past, however, sometimes the past seeps out. Memories are crazy like that. Seriously, they are. The other day was walking around Walmart, and the smell of Sweet Pea body lotion caught me off guard. Oh how that smell takes me back to my teenage years, and one of Tony's and my first dates. First time we held hands. :) Crazy.

It's hard to imagine that we are still together considering the rocky beginning we experienced. I guess that's how I truly know he is the one I am meant to be with. I pretty much gave him every reason to leave, yet he fought for us.. he fought for me. I suffered from depression during my teenage years. I put my family and friends through hell with misguided anger, self-injury and suicide attempts. But, in the end love won out.   

When you're a teenager life should be filled with boys, mall trips, and endless sleepovers with friends.. and mine was, up until a point. I was forced into dealing with very adult issues and it took just about 4 years to work through it all. But do those type of memories ever really go away? Or are they always there, secretly hidden, just waiting for that one smell, that one noise, that one touch to take you back to the one place you try so hard to forget? 

I guess that's where I'm at tonight. It happens. Memories come flooding back and I'm left in the fetal position on the bathroom floor, crying through the pain. I am just thankful that my God is bigger than my past and continues to bring me through it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Routines & Chaos!

If you have been following me for a while, you know that we made a family promise a while back. (shared here) about spending at least 15minutes of quality playtime outside everyday, no matter the schedule, rain or shine. It was a friend of mine's idea, and we took it on too. And I am proud to say, we did it!  It is shocking that it was so hard to do last year.. maybe it was just the age of the kids then (newborn & young toddler), but it's definitely a dailyroutine now!
We never only stay outside 15 minutes. And though the lack of a fence is challenging at times with a strong willed 2 year old, we make it work. :)
Also, ff you've noticed, I haven't been around much the last couple of weeks. My life have been taken over by chaos!
We are getting ready to have a massive yard sale!  So, the last week, I've just been getting our house all organized, de-cluttered, and prepared for it. It's been a bit over whelming to do by yourself, with two kids, one of which is still nursing and the other potty training (update coming!!) And then throw in a sick baby for a couple of days and that's my week. Ah..the life of a stay at home mom! :)

WW: Another Yard Sale Score!

New toy: A Roller Coaster!
Reg. $139.95, scored for $30!  
Worth every penny.
What kid doesn't want their own roller coaster?!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WW: Breakfast with Spider-man!

And in case you were curious, this is how Spider-man eats..
I went to several yard sales this past weekend, and I hit the jackpot! Dominic has really been getting into Batman, Superman, etc.  So, while searching a $.25 bin. I cam across several little action figures and that Spider-man mask. Needless to say, I picked up 7 little action figures and that mask. It literally was the best $2 spent!

That night, Dominic insisted on sleeping with them all. I later went into check on him, and this is what I found..

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Yes, today, I turn 27 years old. Oh my. I can't believe I am officially in my "late" 20's. It feels good. It feels 'new'. I'm enjoying the new age. Ha. ;)

This last year I feel like I've finally turned into an "adult".  I've learned to balance life with two kids, I started a blog, I(we) slowly paid off a couple of big bills owed, I(we) recovered from a house break in, and I learned to pay attention to the small stuff, because time passes way to quickly. Life has been good and I have been blessed. I can't wait to see where this new age takes me!

And what better way to celebrate one's birthday, other than to post embarrassing baby photos. So enjoy my some of my younger year pictures!

  I think we can safely say, Giovanni looks like me! ;) 

My "younger" older brother Josh.

My grandma and I, just weeks before she died of cancer. 

Dancing with my daddy, on top of his toes. :) 

Well, Happy Birthday to me, and May the Fourth be with you! ;o) 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WW: Holy Hail!

Saturday afternoon the St. Louis area got hit with crazy thunderstorms and HUGE hail!
Baseball size hail! I have never seen hail this huge in my life!
These are just a couple of hundreds that covered our yard. Needless to say, our cars are now sporting some new dents and one of the boys bedroom storm windows got smashed.