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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday Tony!

Today was a super special day, my husband turned 30 years old!

We had an unexpected, yet wonderful relaxing weekend. The boys came down with a horrible virus last week, which ended up being Hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Fun times, not. So, we were put on "quarantine", while contagious rash period passes, putting the Birthday plans on hold.

I, however, didn't want Tony's BIG birthday be a bust, so I went all out decorating the house and car after Tony went to bed. He woke up shocked and in awe! 

 That's a lot of candles.. and that's a lot of smoke! ;) 
 Thumbs up for yummy ice cream cake!
Giovanni was TIRED and FULL! 
Haha. He loved the special treat!


  1. Happy Birthday, Tony!

    Rachel, what an awesome job decorating on the fly like that! The house looked absolutely festive... :-)

    I gave you an award on Sunday! I had a major mind malfunction, however, brought on by excessive Wii playing with my kids, so I completely forgot to come over here and tell you about it. I'm sorry!

    Come over to visit, and grab this award! You rock!


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