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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big Boy Changes!

Besides potty training, Dominic just went through another big change! He got a big boy bed! 
Let's be honest, at 2 1/2 it's been a long time coming. However, for safety reasons with the boys sharing a room, we kept him in a crib. It worked, up until this week, when it got dangerous. Although he's been able to climb out of it for a while, he started climbing over the back of it, and Monday he fell, got stuck and nearly strangled himself during nap time. So, I went searching immediately for the perfect bed! He picked out Thomas, so a Thomas the Train bed it was! And he LOVES it! He helped Tony set it up and kept giving Thomas hugs and saying, "I like my bed!" It was so adorable.
Last night was his first night in it. He did great and even slept in! I'm hoping this is the start of sleeping in every morning and not just because we were out late for the fireworks. A mom can dream, right? :) 
Now to get started on redecorating their room! ;) 


  1. I miss those years when my kids were young enough for toddler beds! We never had as nice of one as your Dominic has, though! That Thomas bed is so 7-yo would've loved it!

    Congrats on all the big-boy milestones. :-D

  2. I love the Thomas Bed. I think its important that a child likes their bed. I hope he sleeps in for you.

  3. Awesome bed - I'm totally jealous of his spiderman stuffie. My son would love one.

    1. My son LOVES super heroes too! We actually found that at a neighbors yard sale for $3! I couldn't pass it up!


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