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Monday, July 16, 2012

Boy Mom Blog Hop! - (Re-Introduction)

Hi! Welcome to our crazy life.

You never know what you'll find here, but one things for certain, there will most likely be pictures! I'm no professional by any means, I just like capturing moments with the kids. 

Let me introduce us.

I'm Rachel. I'm 27 year young. I'm a stay at home mom and house wife. Although, I also work at our church a few hours a week. I married my sweetheart, Tony, who just turned 30! He's a self proclaimed geek. We have two crazy little boys, 15 months apart; Dominic and Giovanni. (Can't tell we're Italian, can you?)  
It was a crazy adventure having kids. It took us 15 months and the beginning steps of fertility treatments get pregnant with our oldest, and only an accident to have our youngest. God is good. 

Let's Meet the BOYS!


Dominic is our oldest. He is 2.5 year young. He's our strong willed, smart, super fast, hilarious, blond headed little Super Boy (Totally into super heroes!). He just got potty trained last month and moved into a big boy bed on the 4th.


Giovanni is 16 months today! He's our go with the flow, climbs on top of everything, smart, laid back, super tan ,little brown haired baby boy. He learned to climb before he walked. He is still nursing and we just made the switch to cloth diapers. 

I blog about anything and you never know what you might find here. I share our lives, my faith and feelings, our fun activities and the basic survival guides to living with 2 young boys so close in age. Add in a dash of humor and wordless Wednesdays, and that sums up That's Life...  ;o)

So please stop, look around, and leave a comment. Let's get to know each other and work together to get through this thing call life. 


  1. cute boys you have there! it took us almost 2 years to have our first and our third was a total surprise as well!

  2. what cute little guys you have;) from mobsociety!

  3. I know all about superheroes :) boys are 14, 12 & 9 and they still love them :). It's nice to meet you through the MOB blog hop. <><

  4. Cute boys!!! Hopping over from MOB. Blessings from Croatia: A Little R & R:

  5. Hopping over from MOB! Nice to "meet" you. Also married to a geek over here, and love every bit of it. We also had a few fertility struggles ourselves. How are you enjoying the switch to cloth diapers? We made the switch with our youngest and I must confess, my biggest motivator was how stinking cute they are! :-)

  6. Hopping over from the MOB society. We had a fertility struggle too with our oldest. Then, we adopted 3, and then found ourselves pregnant again. She turned 2 at the end of April. I'm praying for more! You can find me over at Nice to meet you and see your sweet boys!

  7. Enjoyed reading about your family on the blog hop!

  8. We are still nursing at 17 months and love our fuzzi bunz cloth diapers! Cute little fellas you have there!
    Mary Beth

  9. Love the names of those precious pups, love that you're a Pathological Photographer, love your candor! Stopping by from the MOB Society Blog Hop! I blog at OH! And I figured out that I nursed for approximately 12 years of my life, but who's counting?! I have 5 took some time! XO, ;0)

  10. Adorable little guys! My two youngest boys are 16 months is fun to have a sibling that close in age {although their arguments can get intense as they get older lol}


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