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Monday, July 2, 2012

Church Outside the Box!

At the beginning of June, our Church held it's church service at the St. Louis City Museum! (And yes I said June! I'm crazy behind..) But how cool is that?! 
  If you haven't heard of the City Museum before, click here. It's like a big jungle gym made out of every material known to man. It was so nice getting out of the typical "church setting" and worshiping God in a new environment! Not to mention it was a lot of fun too!

 Lessons learned? Never tell Dominic to run, even if friends are across the room. I did and he ran the whole length of the building!! Thankfully, another friend was there to help catch him. 

 The sculptures were beautiful and fully functional.
Get ready to climb! 
I had fun in the ball pits!
 Yep, that foot buried there, belongs to my son! Hehe..
So many different climbing structures! 
There are tunnels everywhere! You had no idea where they would lead, but it was fun finding out!
It was crazy and a bit dangerous with two little ones, so I wouldn't recommend it with kids our boys age (1 & 2), but it was a fun day none the less! 


  1. WOW WEEEE that looks awesome how incredibly awesome for you all !! And hey it is ok that you are late it's your blog you could post it in December and we all would still love the fact you shared a wonderful event with pictures of all of YOU!!

  2. Hi - I'm blog hopping and following your blog via pinterest and google plus. Would love it if you could add your blog to my new site

    Happy Blogging!



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